Letter from Mrs. Herbert M. Paige

2617 Gallatin Road

Nashville, Tennessee

October 16, 1945

Dearest Chaplain,

I am writing in regard to Vernon L Nance, 34494676.  A few months ago I heard that Vernon had been killed on Okinawa the 25th of May.

Willis in front of the chapel on Okinawa.

I’ve been wondering if perhaps you knew just how he met his death. You see, my family was very fond of him and of his family. He and I went to High School together but he was called to the Army while we were Seniors. He only had one furlough during the time he was in the service and that was in order that he might be present at the Graduation. It made all of his classmates proud to have him march down the aisle with us. Somehow, he, in his uniform, seemed to represent all the things we wanted and believed in.

Vernon was the only one of that class of ’43 who didn’t return. God must have a very special place for him in Heaven for he was, indeed, a very special person and one worthy of any honor which might be bestowed upon him.

Will you write me and tell me of his last days and of the way he met his death? I should appreciate it very much.

Very sincerely yours,

(Mrs.) Herbert M. Paige

2617 Gallatin Road

Nashville, Tennessee

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