Letter from Mrs. Arnold Lee

Madison, Wisconsin

July 30 – ’45.

Willis A. Reed,

Chaplain (Capt)

184th Infantry

Dear Chaplain,

Willis leading service on Okinawa. 1945.

Received your letter of comfort and information about our dear son. It was a terrible shock to us all but we have expected some kind of bad news, as LaVerne always was so faithful to write home and his last letter he wrote was written the 29th of April, I received it the 8th of May. LaVerne was such a pal to us all at home and his leaving us has and now will alway leave a vacant place. His other brother is waiting shipment for across now any day.

This war has saddened so many homes I wish it would soon end.

I wrote you a few days before I received your letter, to see if I could get some information, to have for his memorial the 12th of August, so I hope this letter reaches you before you prepare to send me the information again.

Will we have a chance to get our boy’s body home after the war? I wish I could, I’d like to have him in our family lot. Will we get his things he had with him?

I wish I could hear from one of the fellows that had been with LaVerne a few days before his death.

Thanking you again for your very comforting letter.


Mrs. Arnold Lee,

Madison 4,

R. #1 Wisconsin

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