June 6, 1945

Okinawa Shima – Ryukyu Islands

6 June 1945

Lover Darling:

Soldiers move a wounded comrade. Okinawa 1945.

It is almost dark Darling and I must get a note off to you. I love you more than ever, and in spite of all that has happened, I have thought of you. Darling, after a day of living under fire in such conditions I hardly know what to say or think. All I can say is this, I’m alive and escaped any kind of injury. I do have a few skinned places from coral and rock cuts. On one occasion we had to rescue three wounded men. It took us quite a while because of enemy snipers. The only way we are able to do it was the fact that our machine guns covered us with machine gun fire and we drug the men back on ponchos. We also had to use smoke grenades to conceal our movement because of the number of snipers. A knee (Japanese) mortar landed about 10 feet from us and only one of the four of us got a small fragment in the leg. There were many other things but it would take too long to tell you now. I’m all right so don’t worry. By the way, I got to see Paul Wells for about five minutes. He gave me two pictures which he took early in the campaign: he has lost the negatives so I hope these reach you safely. You can have some more made if you want to, but of course it will cost you extra. Good night My Lover-God bless you My Lover in all things.

Yours always in Christ’s love,


Colossians 3:3

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