June 5, 1946

Seoul, Korea

5 June 1946  Late

(Actually, it is 6 June 1946 early)

Sarah, My Beloved Darling:

It is a long time past the time when this letter should have been dropped in the mailbox if I expected it to be on its way to you, but it was entirely impossible for me to have it ready in time for mailing so I’m going to write you this letter now and then enclose it with my letter of tomorrow evening. I was greatly disappointed today in not having the privilege of receiving some more of your good letters. Here’s hoping that they’ll be here tomorrow. I cannot complain at all about the mail service here lately, but I miss your good letters when they don’t come in.

Willis with friends at Ewha College. 1946.

  This morning, I went around to all of the wards giving out the last young people’s papers which I received. The Publication Society has furnished me fifty each week ever since I’ve been overseas and they are very well received. Some time ago I wrote them and told them not to send me any more after the first of April, thus the ones I gave out today are the last ones which I will receive. I had a little time before dinner, so I used that time to do a little studying and thinking on my message for this evening. I spoke this evening on Mark 1:14-20. Key verse being the 17th. The title and theme of my message was, “Untapped Resources.”  There were only 17 in attendance, but I tried to give them something to think about. With such long days and nice weather, a lot of them go out for walks and I don’t blame them. I would like to do the same, but I feel like I should continue the services in spite of small attendance.

  After dinner today, Dennis, Paul, Jeanette, and I went into Seoul and while there I checked up to see if they have done anything about getting my records straightened out. While I was doing that, Jeanette bought a few souvenirs to take home with her when she leaves. After that, we decided to drive out by Ewha College to see Miss Lee and Miss Kim for a little bit and it so happened that the physical education department was putting on a program and they wanted us to see. I didn’t like the idea of staying for it would make our time very short in being back in time for the evening service. However, they all wanted to see it and we stayed and I enjoyed it a lot. I’ll tell you about it sometime. Miss Lee insisted that we have a cup of tea and some muffins before leaving. We did and it made it hard getting back in time, so we finally reached here at ten minutes after 7 o’clock and the men were still waiting. After the service started, who should walk in but Chaplain Rendahl and  Lieutenant Johnson. After the service was over, they came up here and talked until very late and that is the reason I didn’t get this letter in the box in time. Please forgive me, but do remember that I do love you much more than ever I’m hoping that it won’t be too many more days until I’ll be able to leave here for you, Beloved. Be sure to give the folks my love. God bless you, Lover.

 Forever just yours in Christ’s love,


 Colossians 3:3

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