June 4, 1946

Seoul, Korea

4 June 1946

Dearest Darling Sweetheart:

It was certainly good to have your letter of the 22nd of May today, and as always, it has been read over several times already and is in for more reading. It is so very good to have your letters and they helped me so much, it is just a foretaste of just how good it is going to be to be with you again. Lover, this being separated from you is absolutely the hardest thing I’ve ever had to endure in all my life. I never realized that I would ever love you as I do, but after all, that is the beauty of love in Christ. It grows sweeter as the days roll along. It is utterly beyond human comprehension to realize just how much we will love each other over there, but as I said on other occasions, that is one of the wonders and beauties of the mystery of godliness. The only other mail I received was a good letter from Don telling me about the graduation and how much he enjoyed it. As soon as I answer his letter I’ll send it on for you to read for I’m sure you will want to read it.

Willis’ assistant Dennis with nurses Jeanette and Audrey.

  I was up early as per usual this morning and came over here to have my devotions and then after having had my breakfast I came over here and finished wrapping another package to send home to you of my things. I also had to repack two packages which came for Arnold Hodak and return them to him. As soon as we had the boxes ready, Dennis and I left for the 31st Infantry where I mailed the packages. In the letter which I received from you today, you said Mom groaned when she heard that I had sent another box home, well Dear, after all, I’ve had the opportunity to purchase these things very reasonably and we will be able to use them I’m sure at some time or other, it will be a lot better to have them and to say later isn’t it too bad I didn’t send home some of those things while I was over here.

  The three boxes with your mail to you today contain my winter clothing, altar equipment and a couple of surprises for my wonderful Darling Sweetheart. One of the surprises which I have for you was too large to enclose in the boxes so I’m sending it along later in my footlocker. When you open the box marked under CONTENTS “Personal altar equipment”, be especially careful for there is a very pretty incense burner made by a Korean potter. There are also two very nice pieces of nice tie dye. The box marked “winter clothing” contains the surprise and I do hope that you will like them, I believe they will come in very handy when we have our own home again and we have guests in for an evening. I think they are very pretty and quite unusual. And the box marked “Altar Equipment” wrapped in winter clothing is the part of the altar set I have made from brass shell casings. As I said in last night’s letter, the cross was too large for the boxes, so I’m sending it along in my foot locker at a later date.

  Well, after that, I drove on over to the Korean Disposition Center and told them about the error they had made in placing me in the last group to leave Korea, in other words in August. I don’t want to get your hopes up or mine, but I do believe that it helped and I will probably be able to leave here early in July sometime arriving home around the last of July. And by the way, I will be separated at Fort Sheridan and not Camp Grant. Camp Grant is no longer being used as a Separation Center. Lover, it even feels good to talk about it. Let us be careful and not let our hopes run away with us, but things are looking better than they did four or five days ago.

  Dennis and I arrived back here just in time to have our dinner. This afternoon I didn’t accomplish very much except calling in some of the wards and then studying for our Bible classes. We had eight out to our class last evening and we certainly had a blessed time. I love the Bible the more I read it and find it so filled with power and inspiration.

  It is now after supper hour and almost time for our Bible class. I wanted to finish the letter to you right away, but as usual, two different men were up here to see me about some problems. The last poor fellow just left and I will have to close. It was another one of those sad cases. Beloved, you cannot in any way realize just how good it is to have a wife and sweetheart like you are to me. Thank you so very much. Be sure to give the folks my deepest love. Here’s to hoping that it won’t be too long until I’ll be able to be with all of you.

 Always and forever yours alone in Christ’s love,


 Colossians 3:3 

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