June 30, 1946

Seoul, Korea

30 June 1946

Dearest Darling Sweetheart:

Well Beloved, it is very late and I’m afraid I won’t be able to write you as long a letter as I had hoped to write, but I’m sure you will understand because I want to have this in the box by 9 o’clock. As I said in my letter of last evening, there wasn’t any mail today but I’m surely hoping that there will be mail tomorrow.

  It has been very very hot today and right now it is so sticky I feel like I’m going to melt away. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if it would rain during the night. It was terribly hot for our morning service this morning and I really felt very sorry for the people in attendance. The chapel was jammed to capacity. I spoke this morning on this theme, “Needed! A New Sense of Values.” Everybody remarked about it but it took more out of me to preach that sermon than any I’ve preached now for some time. For some reason or other, I felt completely defeated when I finished, it might have been because it was so very hot.

Pictures of Willis playing baseball. 1946.

  We had a very crucial ball game this afternoon and it turned out to be the very best game we have ever played. We won by a score of 8 to nothing. It was a tough team and now that makes us the equal of the best team in the whole league. That is the best game I’ve ever pitched so far. The other team only got three hits and only one man advanced as far as second base. Out of 21 games I’ve pitched for our team, we have won 19 while losing two and the two that we lost was only by one run in each game. By the way, this afternoon I was asked to pitch on the All-Star team which they are forming here in Korea but I’m hoping that I’ll be on my way home before we have to play. It is the custom for the All-Star team to go to Japan to play the champions there, but I won’t consider it because I don’t want to do anything which might interfere with my immediate return to the States.

  Several of my old friends were on the sidelines cheering during the game and then they came up here to my office to visit until time for supper, after supper they visited until time for our evening worship service. There were only 21 in attendance this evening. I spoke on this theme,  “Good Looking.”  My scripture was I Kings 16:1-13. By the way, part of Rody’s symphony orchestra were out here to give us a concert and it was very good. Rody wasn’t here, it was led by one of Rody’s assistance. Enclosed find a copy of the program.

  Lover, I must close for now. Be sure to give the folks my love. All day long I have been reminded of what happened four years ago. And I love you infinitely more now than I did then.

  I am ever just yours alone in Christ’s love,


 Colossians 3:3 

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