June 3, 1946

Seoul, Korea

3 June 1946

Sarah, My Darling:

It was certainly good to have your letter of May 23rd today, and as per usual, it helped me out more than you will ever know. I can see that you are busy now trying to make yourself some new dresses. From what you said in your letter today, I can imagine that your new dresses must be very nice and I’m praying and hoping that it won’t be too much longer until I’m able to see them in person with you as the model. Dear, I got a kick out of your description of the Chief’s not feeling well. Undoubtedly he can hardly wait until time for the vacation in Michigan. Now that he has been making his own flies, he will probably find it more interesting and worthwhile.

Willis and Sarah’s wedding. June 30, 1942

  By the way Dear, I know now for certainty that it will be impossible for me to be home for our anniversary, so I want you to buy yourself a very nice corsage from me for that day. It will be especially nice in that our anniversary is on Sunday this year. Darling, I’m sure I need not tell you how badly it makes me feel not to be there for our anniversary, but it is not going to help either one of us to be ugly about it, so let’s just think that it will only be a short time after that that we will be able to be together. Please remember that I love you now more than I ever dreamed possible when I promised you in the presence of those gathered at our wedding that I would cherish and love only you for as long as life shall last, (and as we know, in Christ life never ends, thus I am only just yours forever in Christ’s love).

  I know you must have been very happy to have had such a find visit with Iris and it certainly made me happy to know how well they are coming along now. It is certainly better for them to have John working daylight hours instead of the night shift. It will really be wonderful to see all of them again, and I’m hoping that we will be able to visit with them after I return and we have had an opportunity to be together.

  In your letter today, you were wondering if I am planning on going out to school and take more work or whether I have given up the idea; with things as they are now and everything so uncertain, it is really hard to make any definite decision. After all, I want to talk the whole thing over thoroughly with you before deciding definitely one way or the other, and as you know, that it well nigh impossible after having been separated from each other for so very long. I just live to receive your letters, but as you know there are so very many things in a letter which you find it impossible to talk over, and therefore we will have a lot to talk over and plan after I return. A number of those around here have encouraged me to go ahead in the field of teaching, in other words, major with young people. One of the officers talked to me about that very thing yesterday.

  By the way, your letter of the 22nd is missing and I hope it comes in tomorrow, for I am interested to know if Mary Lou Buck likes the scarf which we gave her. Of course, you may be wondering how I feel today after the accident in yesterday’s ballgame. I feel all right. My neck and right shoulder and knee are a little stiff and sore but that is to be expected. Everybody who saw me today would ask me how I was feeling, and that is about all I was able to talk about. In fact, I became tired of answering the same thing over and over again. It spreads like wildfire that I’ve been hurt in the ball game, even the patients were asking me today when I called in their wards.

There were a number of interruptions this morning, and as a result, I didn’t have the privilege of accomplishing all that I had hoped to accomplish. I did manage to get two more boxes ready to be sent back to you. One of them contains part of winter clothes and the surprise present which I have for you, and the other box contains the rest of my winter clothes and a box of communion glasses, two brass flower vases and two brass candlestick holders made from different size shells. The cross which I have of that set was too long for the box, so I’m going to send it home in my footlocker. We will be able to make a nice worship center out of the set and the other the altar equipment which Mrs. Sims sent to me since I’ve been overseas.

   This morning, just before dinner time, I went down to our post office and bought a money order for $100 to you. I’m enclosing it in this letter Dear, so be sure to let me know when it arrives then I can always keep check with the things I have sent to you knowing whether or not they reached you safely.

  The only other mail I received today besides your good letter with a letter from Dolores telling me about the wonderful time she had attending your graduation, such a trip certainly must have done her a lot of good I know. I also received a copy of the Lexington Unit Journal and looking through it I discovered an advertisement in it about Jack and Bertha’s store. I noted the special interest that they carry a line of fountain pens, and I just happened to think, why don’t you drop them a line and tell them that we would like to buy them a nice desk fountain pen for Don McClintock in appreciation for all he has done for me. And if they could do that for us, it will be helping them also.

  Darling, it won’t be too long for time for Bible class, so I will have to draw this letter to a close. I wish you could see the beautiful clouds boiling up over the mountains,  I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see it rain hard again tonight. It started raining last night around 10 o’clock and it rained until after daybreak this morning.

  Well Beloved, remember I love you much more than ever I have before. Give the folks my love and best wishes.

 Forever and always yours alone in Christ’s love,


 Colossians 3:3 

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