June 28, 1946

Seoul, Korea

28 June 1946

Sarah, My Beloved Darling:

Well, another long day is almost over and how glad I am for that fact. They are still fooling around over here about getting personnel out who are supposed to be on their way home. To give you some idea of how things are fouled up, it may interest you to know that the ship which was to take troops out 2 weeks ago hasn’t even arrived yet and the one which was supposed to come in this last week isn’t in and no one seems to know where it is. Everything is so messed up and it is beyond description, I believe the basic thing is the fact that they are going to hold us just as long as they possibly can. Two more days and this month will be gone and I’m afraid July will be messed up just the same way. There are over 2,000 who have been waiting down at the Disposition Center for three or four weeks. Now that all my complaining is over I will seek to talk about some other things. Beloved, I don’t like to complain but it is very difficult to keep from becoming impatient at times when you have to bear with some of the inefficiency which I see from day to day. I’ll save the rest until I return to you, Beloved.

  The sun is shining gloriously now. However, there are clouds in all directions and it probably wouldn’t take too much for it to start raining any moment. It has been cloudy most of the day, the sun only managed to come through on a couple of occasions. I’m just hoping that it was fair enough weather between here and Japan so that some planes could come through with mail for us, otherwise, we will have to go without mail until next Monday or Tuesday. The days always seem so very long when there isn’t any mail from you. The mail clerks managed to get into Seoul today to see if we had any mail but because of the bad weather we have been having there wasn’t any for us.

  This has been another routine day calling in the wards and trying to do studying. I had wanted to accomplish a lot this afternoon, but to give you an idea, there were six in my office at one time. And then there where several other unexpected interruptions. By the way, we finished the I Kings last night in our Bible class and we really had a fine discussion. There were 15 in attendance. After the Bible class, Miss Ina Pafford and Miss Cook came up to the office with several others and we visited until about 10:30. You will remember I told you about Miss Pafford several days ago, she is from Wisconsin and knows Howard Brumme.  Last evening I gave her your address and telephone number to send it to her mother for her mother often goes into Chicago and it would be nice to know her. From what Ina has told me, her mother must be very fine. It is always a source of joy and thanksgiving when you can find a few girls who still seek to live a clean pure Life in sight of the Lord in spite of all the temptation and problems girls have to face under such circumstances.

Youth for Christ at Soldier Field, Chicago, 1945.

  I was only partway through the above paragraph when I was detained for over an hour. It is rather trying at times to try and write a letter to your sweetheart when you are always being interrupted, but I do want to have the letter in the box before 9 o’clock. It is all clouded over again now so I wouldn’t be surprised to see it start raining almost any time.

  It has been almost two weeks now since I’ve heard from Alrik. Naturally, with the food and flood situation as it is, most of our telephone service has been out and probably will be for some time.

  Dear, I enjoyed very much your description of the Youth for Christ service held Memorial Day at Soldier’s Field. The thing that especially interested me was to hear about all those who made professions of faith and those who expressed a desire to go into full-time Christian service. May they go forth and fully prepare themselves for many years of devoted service to Jesus Christ our wonderful Lord and Savior. Whenever I read your good letters telling me about Paul and Gen it makes me so very lonesome to see them and have some more of our wonderful Christian fellowship. I’m hoping that it won’t be many days away now until we can all be together for a good visit. In a very short time it will be three years since I’ve seen them and most of the time it seems like 30 years rather than three years.

  Beloved, I will of necessity have to bring this letter to a close if I expect to get it in the mailbox in time to be picked up tonight. God bless you my Beloved in all things. You id tow tweet and I wuuve you much more dan ever forever and ever and I taid it first and wast, so dare.

 Yours only and always in Christ’s love,


 Colossians 3:3 

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