June 27, 1946

Seoul, Korea

27 June 1946

Sarah, My Beloved Darling:

Well, it is still raining and from the looks of things now it will probably continue to rain the rest of the night. It has been raining for almost two straight days. About 4 o’clock this afternoon the engineers were able to get in enough of a roadbed to bring our first supplies out here to the hospital. The roads are naturally very bad and they use Caterpillar tractors to pull the trucks through to the area which was washed out by that very heavy rain which we had last Monday evening. Of course with such miserable weather, we are bound to be without mail until planes are able to fly through from Japan. June is almost gone and I know nothing more than I did when the month begin. I certainly pray and hope that things turn out better than they have looked right now. This has been the longest and hardest month I have ever had to go through. I’ve been separated entirely too long from you, Beloved.

  As you would expect, with so much rain, my work has been entirely routine today, calling in the wards, interviews, studying, and preparing for our services for this Sunday. I’m writing this letter after the evening meal. I want to have it done before Bible class and then I won’t have to worry about finishing it in time. I did manage to almost complete the bulletin for this Sunday (our 4th wedding anniversary). 

Willis holding Jeanette’s pup.

  Around 4 o’clock this afternoon, Jeanette came up to the office with four negatives which she said we could have because she has all the prints she wants of the pictures. One is of a Korean farmer preparing his rice paddy for planting;  Rody’s little girl and I walking up a road from their home (remember the night we were invited out there to dinner); Rody and I and the other is of your sweetheart sitting on the bumper of my Jeep with, “Little Willis,”  who was Jeanette’s little pup but now that she is due to leave she has willed him to me. He is really a cute pup and I know you would like him. He follows me all over and everybody around the hospital is crazy about him. I’ve managed to teach him to sit up, speak for his food, shake hands and rollover. He is about as pretty a puppy as I’ve ever seen. You will probably be able to obtain better prints back there that is why I’m sending them through to you now.

  By the way, the flood washed our well away and we have been having a very difficult time with the water here at the hospital. It makes it pretty difficult when we have so many patients. I’m hoping that the situation will be relieved now with the completion of the road. We will have to haul our water out from Seoul.  I haven’t had anything but coffee to drink for the last two days.

  Well Lover, it is almost time for Bible class so I’m going to bring this letter to a halt. God bless you and the folks in all things.

 I’m yours for all the ages of the ages in His eternal love,


 Colossians 3:3

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