June 26, 1945

Okinawa Shima – Ryukyu Islands

26 June 1945

My Beloved Darling:

Just a few moments ago the mail orderly handed me two letters, they were from Paul Vogel and Connie. Whenever I receive mail I always immediately look to see if there is a letter from you, but tonight I was disappointed when there wasn’t a letter or two from you, my Dear. Your letters are always such a help to me. This morning I spent most of the time taking care of some things that needed attention. I don’t know whether I told you or not, but Pete Smith of Lexington asked me to see if I could get some lead pencils for him. I managed to get around 20 pencils and some Japanese fountain pens. The gathering of pencils happens to be his hobby. While over to the post office, I sent you a little package also. You’ll find enclosed in the package a Japanese flag inscribed with the name of some of the former soldiers of the Japanese force which took Nanking. Remember what has been called “The Rape of Nanking.” Also, find two little fans which I found in the debris on our great maneuver of breaking the left flank of the famous Yanabaru, Shuri, Naha line. They don’t amount to much but they are something. Also enclosed you’ll find enclosed a dozen or so parachute flare silks. I believe they are made of nylon or some synthetic cloth. These are used to carry a very bright flare during the night to detect any movement of the enemy. Most of the time they are destroyed or allowed to disintegrate. Some of these may not be usable, but I sent them to you and you can probably use them for something. I noted some of them were scorched and some quite dirty but you will know which are best and which can be cleaned. I think you might be able to make a couple of blouses, a few underclothes or maybe a nice cover for a pillow for our baby and a little crib blanket cover to match. Maybe you can figure out something better to do with the material. I couldn’t help but think that there is some value in them. When they arrive let me know what you think about the material. I think the young people will probably enjoy seeing the flag as well as some of our friends. I sent it to you first class so it shouldn’t take too long to reach you.

The World Charter was signed on June 26, 1945.

I’m going to answer your letter of May 26th. Dear, I know just how you feel when you say you had a good cry. I’ve never mentioned only on occasion or so about shedding a few tears. Several different times at night I have thought about all the good times we have had together in prayer, joy, sorrow and Christian fellowship and the tears naturally flowed.

Yes, our division shoulder patch is a red circle with a black hourglass in it. Sometime when I can find a write up about our division patch I’ll send you a copy so you will know what it signifies.

It was good to hear that Earl Adams resigned, but if we had prayed more and criticized less, I’m sure God would have intervened and there wouldn’t have been all the trouble over the missions board. Riley’s and Marguerite Simonian told me about Dr. Brownsville resigning. It is not going to be very easy for them to get a man to take his place. I’m sure he will do a fine work in the evangelistic field. I do hope you will have the opportunity to meet Dr. Brownsville someday. I was glad to hear about the new church school advance. I only hope they make it count for Christ. We need to exalt Christ in all things, and this promises to be a real opportunity.

I had a little time before supper so I wrote three v-mail letters, they were to my grandmother, Pete Smith and Betty Weiskopf. 

I know what you mean about having a good time reading your Bible. I haven’t had enough time to do such studying for quite some time, I certainly look forward to the day when we can have our prayer and devotion together. 

I’ll certainly be glad when we can be back in our own home again. Well Dear, I must close for now. God bless you, Darling.

Yours alone forever in the love of

Christ Jesus,


Colossians 3:3

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