June 25, 1946

Seoul, Korea

25 June 1946

Sarah, My Beloved Darling:

A picture of the rain taken by an Army photographer in 1946.

Well, another day is over and I’m really pretty weary. It has been very hot and sultry here all day. It hasn’t rained as yet, but it looks like it might start almost any time now. As I had expected there wasn’t any mail and there probably won’t be for some time now. We are really stranded out here now, our phone service is gone. The railroad and the main highway have been washed out. Following the dinner hour, Captain Knight and lLt. Eady and I took a walk back of the hospital towards the mountains and what we saw was indeed a sad sight. A number of Korean homes in the village have been completely washed away. The high water has already receded and the people were out in the debris and rice paddies trying to find out what might not have been carried away with the torrents of water. My heart just ached for them, and besides all that, their rice patties and other little fields are almost all ruined.

  The entire morning I spent calling in the various wards and had some time with some of the patients. And then this afternoon I called in some more of the wards and tried to do some reading, but it was so unbearably hot it is almost impossible to concentrate. Following the evening meal, I took a walk off toward another Korean village and it just breaks my heart to see all the damage and destruction of their crops. From what the Koreans have told me, this is about the hardest downpour they have had now for many years.

  I had wanted to have this letter done before time for Bible class but several things came up which made it impossible and now the Bible class is over (and it went way over time, so I have had very little time). We had 11 in attendance again this evening and really had a very lively discussion. I’m sorry this letter is going to be so very short but I do want to have it in the box on time. God bless you and the folks in all things and I will try to write you a better letter tomorrow evening.

 Always and forever just yours in Christ’s love,


  Colossians 3:3 

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