June 25, 1945

Okinawa Shima – Ryukyu Islands

25 June 1945

Sarah, My Beloved Darling:

I’ve just finished reading your letter of June 17th, your letter of June 16th is missing, it may arrive tomorrow. Well, Bob and Margaret are married now and I know all the details from your description of the wedding in Dr. Hepburn’s study. I’m glad to know that it was such a nice quiet wedding. I hope them much happiness and joy and I do hope that from the beginning Christ will have first place in their hearts and lives. Are they going to stay at the folks place until Bob leaves for duty at Sioux Falls? You said Margaret liked the dishes we gave them, I suppose you told me about them in your letter of the 16th. I’m glad that Margaret is such a fine girl and I hope she is able to help Bob and encourage him to start what he likes and sticks to it. There is no doubt about Bob having ability, he has great ability but he needs to settle on an aim and purpose in life. From all you have told me from time to time about Margaret, I’m inclined to believe she will be able to help him in many ways. From all you have told me they are extremely happy and I’m sure they must be suited for each other.

Well, this has been one of those days when you are on the go all the time, and try as you may, you cannot see where you have accomplished very much. I saw two or three things today which almost tore my heart out. I only pray if it will be God’s will that we are able to give holy and unreservedly our lives to the helping of the spreading of the good news in Christ Jesus our Lord. We talk of a civilized world, but all around we see evidences of a society infected with the cancer of sin. Many people rather shy away and mock the word sin. You can call cancer by another name, but that doesn’t change what it does to the body upon which lives. Men call jealousy, selfishness, etc., by other names but they are all of the group which God designates as sin.

Just a few moments ago the sun dropped below the horizon. It looked as though it were being thrust by a great hand into the East China Sea. From the beach to the horizon could be seen a flaming trail which reminded one of broken cobblestones.

I wish you could know just how good it is not to hear the loud report of artillery and screaming shells overhead. Of course we still have heavy and light machine gun and small arms fire and will for a few more days. But then we are hoping for a little rest and quiet.

It is so good to have Don here. He is such a fine clean cut young man in his life is a real example of Christianity. He does many fine things to help me in whatever maybe at hand to do.

I shall answer a few of your questions in your letter of May 25th. Dear, I’m glad to know that these years at Northern have proved to be a blessing to you and I’m glad that you have done so remarkably well. It has cost in much heart ache, loneliness and hours of meditations but to be true sympathizers a couple must be real suffers. Dear, I only wish you knew how much I love you and how much more you mean to me since last time we saw each other. Just to be with you again and talk about the deepest things will be just a foretaste of glory divine.

Early 26 June 1945

Good Morning My Dear:-

I wanted to finish this letter last evening but a man wanted to see me and it was dark before he left so I couldn’t finish the letter. I really had a good nights sleep, only awakened a few times. It is noisy now and then at night, but to what it has been it is almost quiet. I’m still so tired from so many nights poor sleep that when I wake up I’m still rather tired. We have such a pretty sunrise here this morning. The sky is ablaze with the same color in the finger shells I sent home to you from Christmas Island.

The picture you bought of Sallman’s Head of Christ for Maurice and Edith sounds very beautiful and I’m sure they must have been happy with such a fine gift. I’m so glad they are leaving NSBC for they deserve a much better place to use their talents for the Lord. Under Dr. Wilson they were limited as to what it was possible for them to do.

You have certainly had a lot of rain in Chicago this spring. I do hope that doesn’t mean they will have a dry summer in the Midwest. For we really need a good harvest this year.

The poems which Edna enclosed in the letter she wrote you are beautiful and I appreciate reading these very much. Edna is a wonderful girl. Does she still go for hear from the soldier you told me about one time in one of your letters? Dear, I do not have a jeep now and it’s hard to tell when or if I ever will have one. Out here under conditions like these often they are shot up or completely blown to pieces, so under such circumstances I’ve given up hopes of ever having permanently assigned transportation. If I go places I’ll walk or catch rides.

I was certainly glad to know that Warren has written to his folks. Undoubtedly they will feel better knowing he is in a comparatively safe place.

By the way, where is Bob Larson now? I suppose a lot of NSBC young men who have been serving in the ETO will start showing up in services in the next two or three months. By the way, yesterday started my 17th month overseas. The time cannot pass too soon so I can come back to you, my Dear.

Well, I must close for now Dear, God bless you and the folks in all things.

I am yours for always because

We are together Christ’s forever,


Colossians 3:3

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