June 24, 1946

Seoul, Korea

24 June 1946

Dearest Darling Sweetheart:

Well, this has really been a lulu of a day. It has been raining continuously since about 3 o’clock this morning.  About 2 o’clock this afternoon it really opened up and since that time it has been one continual downpour. There is only one place I’ve ever seen it rain any harder and that was on Christmas Island. Right now we are concerned about the road between here and Seoul.  If this keeps up very long it will probably go out and then I don’t know what we will do for supplies. The last vehicle to make it around 4:30 said the roads at that time we’re almost impassable. And now I understand that there are a number of vehicles stalled between here and Seoul.  The rest of June, July, and about the first half of August are supposed to be the wet season. So I suppose that will help to contribute to slowing up my departure from Korea. I saw Miss Lindbergh at the supper table (she had just returned from being processed for return to the States having left early this morning) and she said the roads were terrible. She is all ready to leave now, all she has to do is await transportation. I’ll let you know when she leaves so you can be on the watch for her.

  Even though I had my helmet and raincoat on while walking over for our evening meal I was soaked and my feet are now sop and wet. My legs and feet are wet clear up above my knees. After so much rain the last couple of days I hardly expected any mail and I’m almost sure there won’t be any mail for us tomorrow after having so much rain today. As long as the rainy season lasts we will probably have very poor mail service and that hurts after being separated so very long.

  As per usual, I was up early this morning and studied until about 9 o’clock, and after that, I called in the various wards to see the patients. Following the dinner hour, I came back up here to the office and did some more studying. Several different men were up here to see me and as you would expect, that took quite a while. I want to try and write this letter and mail it before time for our Bible class. As you can see, very little of importance has taken place today. The situation is the same as it has been right along and I’m still waiting some later developments so I will be able to give you some idea when I might be able to return home.

Winfield Edson

  Darling, I was certainly glad to hear about the good sermon which Dr. Ray gave at North Shore. From what you told me about his message, I can readily see that is the kind of message which that church needs. Honestly, I become sick and tired of people always patting themselves on the back and saying, “North Shore is the greatest church in the NBC.”  After all, there are some other churches. And from my own observations, they have a long way to go to compare with that spirituality of the First Church of Long Beach. Naturally, people at Long Beach admire Dr. Edson and have many fine things to say about him, but no one can forget the way he holds forth the word and the wonderful salvation of Christ. And as for me, Dr. Edson can preach circles around Dr. Wilson. Dr. Edson maintains a humility and love for people which Dr. Wilson does not have. It actually hurts me to always hear this business of him being such a great pastor and preacher. Certainly, it is necessary that people love and respect their leader, but when it comes to the place where he is idolized and actually hiding Christ that is dangerous. As great as Moses was he always sought to keep the people’s eyes on the Lord. People have been very kind to me Beloved, and that is the thing I want you to pray for our lives together. I never want us to hide Christ.

  By the way, I was glad to know that Mary Lou like the scarf and what you said in the note to her with a scarf was very good and most appropriate. I shall continue to pray for her, as you say, it isn’t great easy for her that is for sure.

  From what you have been saying in your letters, it seems that plans for your VCS are coming along very well. I do hope that you have a better school than you did last year. It certainly makes me feel very badly that I’m not going to be there to help as I had one time planned. Darling, I’m sure you will do a good job and it will be a good experience for you.

  Beloved, it is time for Bible class, so I think I had better bring this letter to a close for now and drop it in the mailbox. God bless you and the folks in all things. Remember my Dear, and I love you more than ever I have before.

 Yours forever in Christ’s love,


 Colossians 3:3

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