June 23, 1946

Seoul, Korea

23 June 1946

Sarah, My Beloved Darling:

I don’t have very much time before the evening worship service, but I do want to get this letter started before then. This has been a very long gloomy and rainy Lord’s day. I got up at a few minutes after 5 and at that time it wasn’t raining, but within half-an-hour it was really pouring rain, and has been most of the day. I would be so thankful if this were the last Lord’s day that I had to spend in Korea but as things are now, it looks very discouraging. I’m pretty tired and weary of this business of spending the Lord’s day or any other day without you, Dear. Things are so fouled up over here that is difficult to know when I will be able to leave. Alrik and I are really fed up with the whole affair and when you complain or talk to them about it, they act as though they are doing you a favor to even maybe someday send you home.

Willis (second from right) with friends. 1946. Korea.

  Early this morning, I studied and went over my message for this morning, and then before time for my evening service I called in the wards of the men who are most seriously ill. As you will note from the bulletin I preached this morning on, “A Little Time.”  I will not go into detail but from what everyone told me, it must have gone all right. And I know this will knock you over I’m sure;  I sang a solo for the first time this morning upon the insistence of Dennis and several of the other men. It was one of my favorites, as you know, “Then Jesus Came.”  You will be interested to know that several of the men from my old outfit hitchhiked all the way out here in the rain to attend our service. It was good to see them and we did have a good visit. They left immediately following our dinner hour.

   After that, I went over to my room and decided to rest for a while, for some reason or other I felt very tired. But in spite of that fact I couldn’t seem to rest so finally, I got up and came back over here to the office to do some more reading and studying. But as so often happens someone kept coming into the office, and as a result, I wasn’t able to do hardly any reading.

  Following the supper hour, I had intended to come right here to the office and start this letter to you, but I was just sitting down to the typewriter when two others came in. They just left a few minutes ago. Two other men just came in a moment ago but I told them that I’m going to finish this first page now and then I won’t have too much to do following the evening service. Well, a week from today is our wedding anniversary, and words cannot possibly tell you how much it hurts not to be there for that occasion. As the very latest date I had always hoped to be with you by that time or on the ship on the way home, but here I am still sitting over here with nothing but a lot of Army baloney and red tape to contend with. It is no wonder men become disgusted with the Army.

  From what you said in your letter, you must have had a very fine visit with Iris and I will be looking forward to seeing all of them when I return. But for a while, I just want to be with you and no one else. After all, there are a lot of things I want to talk over with you. After all, we haven’t had an opportunity for real thought and devotion for now almost three years. Poor Helen Christie seems never to change but to remain consistently inconsistent. It seems she never knows what she wants to do. 

Well Lover, our evening service is over and it is really hot and sultry right now. I suppose it will start raining pretty soon. It hasn’t been raining now for almost half an hour. There were only 29 in attendance this evening. As you will note from the bulletin I spoke on, “Self-deception.”  My scripture was James 1:12-27. By the way, you will be interested to know that the chapel was filled to capacity this morning.

  By the way, there is a possibility that Miss Lindberg may fly home instead of going home by ship with Jeanette. I’m going to give her your address and telephone number. Her home is Duluth, Minnesota. She is our chief physical therapist and a very fine girl. I know you will like her and I’ve told her many things about you, and as a result, she is very anxious to know you. So it would be nice if she can stay overnight with you. I think a lot of her and her kind are few and far between. I’ll let you know when she leaves so you can be on the watch for her. If she goes by ship, Jeanette and Jerry will be together and then you can tell them how to get to the folk’s place.

  God bless you Beloved in all things and be sure to give the folks my deepest love. I suppose they are now on their way to Michigan. It isn’t very late I know but I’m pretty tired for some reason or other.

 Always and only yours in Christ’s love,


 Colossians 3:3 

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