June 23, 1945

Okinawa Shima – Ryukyu Islands

23 June 1945

Sarah, My Dearest One:

Well, Beloved, this evening I was made happy with the arrival of your letters of June 13th and 14th. I’ve already read them twice and will probably read them over again tomorrow morning early. Besides your letters, I got letters from the following: the Chief, Mrs. Weldon, Esther Mason (Capt. Mason’s father), Dolores, Connie, and news from Northern Baptist Convention.

Bob Price. 1943.

Of course, the surprising news in your two letters for me was the announcement of Bob and Margaret’s proposed marriage. After all, it is their decision to make and I do hope both of them the best of everything. I only wish he was being discharged, it will not be so easy to leave this time. Having been given four battle stars for being in the Air Corps stationed in England, he should have enough points for discharge. That was indeed a break for him. We in the Infantry face direct enemy fire and all the privations and dangers that go it, and still only receive one battle star for this Okinawa campaign. In this campaign we were in direct contact with the enemy for 82 days before all organized resistance of the enemy was broken. We still have the problem of mopping up, blowing the caves and crevices. Until all are captured will be threatened with sabotage and infiltration. I’ve had occasion to be in contact with several different branches of the service and the Infantry under combat really has it harder than any one branch of service. I’m glad Bob got 25 points so easily. A man on this operation only has five additional points after all these days of tough fighting.

Well, Bob’s marriage turns out just like my brothers. He was married before I ever knew he was intending on being married. Of course, before you ever receive this letter you will have written me all of the details of their marriage. From today’s letter their plans were most indefinite.  I do hope they have it so at least you and her folks can attend. Has Bob ever given any indication of what he plans on doing when he leaves the Army? All I can do is hope for them half the joy we have experienced as each other’s in the Lord Jesus Christ. I do hope they put Christ first in their home and all their relationships together. I gather from what you said that Margaret is planning on working until Bob comes back. Personally, I wish Bob would get out of the Army now and then he might be able to get settled in some civilian occupation. It is a sure thing he will have to settle down and start preparing himself for his life work. Because he will have an additional responsibility in caring for Margaret. I hope them God’s riches blessings.

I was very glad to receive the pictures you enclosed in today’s letters. The one of you and mom together was really good. I also like the one of you and Margaret together. The picture of Stan and Lee and the children was exceptionally good and I was really glad to have it. Well, Lover, I’ll write more to you in the morning early.

Early 24 June 1945

Good Morning Sweetheart:-

We still had activity a quite a lot of firing here around our area but I slept a little better and a little more than I did night before last. To go to bed and not be interrupted with all the things that make for war will indeed be something. It is breaking day in the east now and the sky is indeed a beautiful sight. It is grand to know 10 hours before you too have seen the same sunrise.

I’m answering questions and making comments on your letter of May 23rd. I’m sure Batten’s must have been overjoyed to hear from Roger, and especially to know he is on his way home. Isn’t it the truth how poorly people support the Lord’s work? If just half of our memberships tithed what great things could be accomplished for the Lord. For instance, NSBC could give over twice as much as they give now for missions.

I was very sorry to hear about the woman backing out of the beginner’s superintendency. But if you can get Dorothy Reid that will be fine. She is very good and a fine Christian so I feel definitely she would be a good leader if you can get her. It is a shame the way you have to beg and plead for people to help in a which they profess to be so important. I do hope Mrs. Milne will cooperate and seek to make one whole unified program. I shall be interested to know how things come along. I assure you of my earnest prayer on your behalf. Glad Ray Johnson was in prayer meeting, I would like to see Ray again sometime. We have had a lot of fun together. I believe he will do a good job as Director of Evangelism for Illinois.

The letter from the Chief was very nice and I’m glad he liked what I sent him. I have a couple other things to send him and I have a few things for you, but it will be a little time before we can send them. At the present time we have so much to do that it is impossible to send these things off. I love the Chief very much and want to do all I can to make him happy. Well my Dear, I must close for now and may God bless you and the folks richly.

Forever yours alone in Christ’s love,


Colossians 3:3

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