June 22, 1946

Seoul, Korea

22 June 1946

Sarah, My Beloved Darling:

It was so very good to have your precious letters of June 11th and 12 today. I read them several times already and they helped me more than you will ever know. These days are certainly unbearably long and things still look very discouraging. I only received one other letter and that was from Louise Davis, she told me about their trip to California. As soon as I answer the letter, I’ll send it on for you to read. From what she said, it must have been a nice vacation.

Willis and War Dog. Korea 1946.

Most all of the morning was consumed in calling in the various wards and then this afternoon I managed to do some more thinking on my message this evening between interruptions. Following the supper hour, I managed to find enough time to take a shower before leaving for the Youth for Christ meeting in Seoul.  I spoke this evening on the theme, “There is More Beyond.”  My scripture was the 28th chapter of Matthew. My whole idea being around the fact that the cross is just the beginning. Read the 28th chapter and see how many times the word, “go” is used, in other words, preaching that stops at the cross is only begun. Edification and Christian training comes after that. At the conclusion of the service, I gave an invitation for anyone who wanted to accept Christ or wanted to know how to become a Christian. None came. And then I concluded the invitation hymn by asking all who are willing to go beyond; I informed them that I meant by that a wholehearted willingness to yield all to Christ and pitch in and be willing to do almost anything. There were somewhere between 50 and 60 that did come forward. And then after the benediction, while the rest were leaving I talked to them briefly about yielding themselves to Christ. Some day perhaps I will be able to tell you more about it.

  Beloved, it is rather late and I’m pretty weary and I do want to be ready for tomorrow morning, so I think I will close for tonight. Remember that I do love you much more than ever I have before. Be sure to give the folks my love.

 Always just yours in Christ’s love,


 Colossians 3:3

 P.S. Enclosed find a copy of the song service at the meeting this evening. 

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