June 22, 1945

Okinawa Shima – Ryukyu Islands

22 June 1945

Dearest Darling Sarah:

Well, another day has almost drawn to a close and we are one day nearer to being together. As I’ve said many times before, that day can come none too soon for me. This has been another one of those days when I was on the go since daybreak but it seems very little has been accomplished. Be that as it may, I have sought to utilize every moment. Between several different lulls I got two letters off to you with letters I thought you might like to read, and then I wrote v-mail letters to the following people: Joan Cable, Jack and Bertha, John and Helen Mueller and Lyle Baer.

It was rather hot today and we were very busy rounding Japanese prisoners and civilians. I just found out this evening that Admiral Nimitz officially announced the campaign over as of yesterday. That means organized resistance is over but there will still be plenty of mopping up to do. There will still be men lost day by day through enemy action. Well, at least the worst is past. Of course, you will know by the time this letter reaches that General Stillwell is the new commanding officer of the 10th Army of which we are a part now. Darling, I shall write more to you in the morning. Good night, Sweetheart. 

With all my love in Christ,


Early 23 June 1945

Good morning sweetheart:-

Well, another night is past and I’m thankful for the daylight because with so much firing at night you cannot help but be on the alert. However, the firing last night was nothing like the two preceding nights. Another thing which is a relief is the cessation of artillery fire. Some of the barrages were enough to keep you awake under almost any conditions. It will surely be something to go back and rest for a while. To have warm food regularly and a folding cot to sleep on will be a treat indeed. And to be able to take a bath somewhat regularly and put on clean clothes will help a lot also. We probably won’t leave this forward position until things are pretty well set up back there. We will probably rest for a while then the future for the Seventh Division is most uncertain. The older (men with type points) will probably all be replaced. Many of them are very anxious to be relieved.

Dear, this morning I’m starting with your letter of May 22nd. You mentioned the new National Geographic, it will certainly be a treat to be able to sit down with you and look at that good magazine. Out here you have little time for such things. Many times I think of you and our home to be.

It was good to hear how well prepared the VCS material is and I hope your teaching staff will take advantage of it. You never have told me when is it is supposed to begin, but I imagine it maybe this coming Monday, June 25th. I hope they have a good school. I’m so proud of you Dear because I know you will do your very best. I do hope they have a better attendance this year than they did last year. Be assured of my prayer as you lead.

I was surprised to hear about Carl doing work at Guam. He is an observer for electrical equipment on our larger naval craft.

Concerning a wedding gift for Lois, I suppose you will have already bought something by now for her wedding is tomorrow evening. For things like that, you go ahead and purchase them because what I may suggest may be very hard to get, and besides, your choice or idea will be just as good as mine and probably better. I was also surprised to hear about Mrs. Hardy having another baby. It will be very nice for their baby boy to have a playmate.

It was certainly good to hear about the new job Margaret has in the doctor’s office. Where is her new job located? I can see why she is so happy about the whole thing. I’m sure Bob and Margaret must be having a fine time now and I’m happy for them. Words cannot possibly describe how happy I’ll be when I can come back to you, my Dear. You have no idea how lonesome I am for you at times and how my old heart hurts.

Dear, I’m enclosing a copy of Baptist Freedom. I have another copy which I will send to you later. I wish you would send in a subscription for us. Have it sent to you and then after you have read them you can send them to me and I’ll return them later to you for filing away. “Love you with all thy mind,” by Harold B Jensen. What do you think of “A platform of Baptist liberty?” Personally, I think it is good. You will also be interested in News Item concerning the first Church of Muscatine. Having read what John and Helen have written us, I’m sure you can see through some things. Well, Beloved, I must close for now. May God richly bless you and the folks.

Yours alone in the love of Christ

Jesus our Lord,


Colossians 3:3

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