June 21, 1946

Seoul, Korea

21 June 1946

Sarah, My Darling:

Here it is very late and as a result this letter will not be able to go out tomorrow morning. I’m very sorry but I just couldn’t help it. I’m going to save this letter and send it along with my letter of tomorrow evening. This has been one of those days but it seems everything happens other than you had expected. I received one letter today, it was your good letter of June 10th. I’ve just finished reading it again and it’s really helped me a whole lot to have that good letter. Before I go any further with this letter, I want to inform you that I know nothing more about when I might be able to leave here.

  My entire morning was consumed in calling in the various wards and preparing my service for Sunday. I worked on the bulletin this evening after coming back from Seoul but didn’t finish it. I’m hoping to finish it first thing in the morning. So many interruptions all the time makes it rather hard to be able to accomplish all I would like.

Willis with his Jeep.

  Right after dinner Jeanette, Paul Pearson, Dennis, and I went into Seoul.  We had an opportunity to visit the main hospital. That took until about 3:30 and from there, we decided to drop by the Seoul Conservatory of Music and see if Rody Hyun was in. He was and we had a nice visit with him for about 15 minutes. Jeanette wanted to stop by one place so we dropped by there for a few minutes. Then we left her with a red cross girl in Seoul,  Charlotte Self, she is a fine Christian girl and she wanted Jeanette to have dinner with her. Paul, Dennis, and I had to hurry to arrive back here in time for something to eat. We made it all right and then I came back up to it to the office and worked on the bulletin before time to start back into town for the Youth for Christ Fellowship. Several wanted to go in, so I made arrangements for them to go. By the way, yesterday morning one of the new nurses happened to be across the table from me for breakfast yesterday morning and during the course of the conversation, I decided that I would show them the latest picture I received from you. And then Miss Pafford of Lancaster, Wisconsin asked me where I was from. And then she asked me if I knew Howard Brumme the pastor of the Baptist Church at Lancaster. I sure do because we were in a number of classes together while at Northern. Miss Pafford seems like a very fine girl, and in that she expressed a desire to attend the fellowship meeting this evening, we had her along with us. Of course, it made it better for Charlotte Self and Jeanette for they have been the only girls amongst the many young fellows who attended.

  The fellowship meeting lasted a long time this evening and as a result, it is very late and I’m tired, so I think I will close for tonight and try to write you a better letter tomorrow evening. Nothing much of interest happened today. However, do remember that I do love you much more than ever I have before.

 Only yours for all Eternity in Christ’s love,


 Colossians 3:3 

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