June 20, 1946

Seoul, Korea

20 June 1946

Beloved Darling Sweetheart:

What joy it was to have your good letters of June 7th, 8th, and 9th today. They were such good letters and I have read them over a number of times. The only other mail I received today was a letter concerning one of our seriously ill patients. Well, it is the 20th of June, but honestly this month seemed more like three months then just two-thirds of one month. I still hope that I’ll be soon able to leave here for the States. But as per usual, I know nothing more than I have told you in my previous letters.

  A greater portion of the morning was spent calling on the various wards. After that, I came up here to the office and finished packing my Foot Locker and another box containing notes, letters, and clippings which will be helpful to us in time to come I’m sure. It has been pouring most of the day and from the looks of things now it will probably continue the rest of the night.

  Following the dinner hour, I decided to go into town and mail the two boxes I mentioned above. It was raining but I wanted to have them on their way so they will reach there about the time I arrive home. All I will need to mail now is one more box of books and the rest I will bring with me on the ship. As I mentioned before, the microphone horn is so large that I cannot mail it by parcel post so that means I will have to bring it with me when I come. By the way, when you mail two boxes which have locks on them like the two I mailed today, you have to have a key along with the lock, so they can be opened by the customs inspector if he so desires. Both of the boxes today have locks on them. The footlocker contained several things which I want you to see and have as soon as it reaches you so be sure to open it right away. I hope you like the things in there which I have for you. As I mentioned above, the other box contains nothing but clippings, notes, your precious letters, and other letters which I received since being overseas. Unless you just want to look at them, I wouldn’t bother with opening that box when it arrives.

  Immediately after mailing the boxes at the old 31st Infantry, I decided to go by Chaplain Jaegar’s office and talk to him a little bit about the situation. There were two other men ahead of me, so I had to wait quite a while before I could see him. I talked to him about a half an hour but by the time Dennis and I arrived back here, it was time for our evening meal. In the meantime, Captain Knight, Captain Schull and Lieutenant Eady have been after me to go with them into the Seoul theater to see a special USO show which is playing there tonight. They insist that I will soon be leaving and that I have been working too hard and so I can take a little time and have a little relaxation before leaving Korea. In that this was time for Bible class, I told them I thought I shouldn’t go but they have been insisting so I have decided to go with them. I’m going to leave it up to the group themselves tonight to have their class. This will be the second time now I’ve missed in 7 months. I don’t know just what it will be a but I hope it is as good as the one which I saw some time ago which I told you about. I’ll tell you about this one in my letter tomorrow evening. A fellow has just been in here to see me so I will have to close this in order to be ready for time to leave with the men. It is another one of those sad divorce cases. The sweetest little girl involved. God bless you, my Lover, in all things. Be sure to give the folks my love.

 With my deepest love forever in Christ,


 Colossians 3:3 

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