June 2, 1946

Seoul, Korea

2 June 1946

Dearest Darling Sweetheart:

I don’t have a lot of time, but if possible I’m going to try and finish this letter to you before time for our evening worship service. And how glad I am that another Lord’s day is past among that long string of those we have had to spend apart. To be with you again is certainly going to be a wonderful privilege. And to see you among the congregation is indeed going to be joy unspeakable. I always felt so strengthened when I beheld your presence in the congregation, for I could always know there was one who was truly praying for me to be worthy of being used as a channel for the Lord. And that you love me and trusted me in spite of all my weaknesses and shortcomings.

  Just at daybreak, it started to break and the clouds finally drifted away after a day and a half of continual rain. It stayed quite clear but around noon it started to cloud up again and now it is pretty cloudy, and from the looks of everything, it may start raining again most anytime.  As per usual, I was up early and went over my sermon again for this morning. I’ll enclose a bulletin. The title of my message this morning was, “Contradicting the Good News.”  The key verse was the seventh and I built my sermon around that idea expressed in the American Translation, turning the gospel around. The chapel was filled to capacity this morning and I certainly felt the presence of the Lord with me, thank you Beloved for holding me up on such strong arms of prayer. There is no possible way to tell you how much it means to have a wife like you who constantly can be counted upon to want me to be in the best place where I can be of most usefulness to the Lord. The service must have been helpful for a number of people said kind little things after the service and a couple of doctors told me some things late this afternoon. Shortly after noon hour Chaplain Martin (who is still on a patient basis and will probably be sent back to the States sometime this week) stopped me and told me how much the sermon meant to him. He was very kind in some of the things he said and he probably meant it for a couple of other people told me that he told them the same thing. For what good I am able to do I am wholly indebted to Christ and you, and my heart cry is the same as John’s that Christ in us may increase and we decrease. One thing that bothers me a lot is the fact that a number of people tell me that I am one of the best chaplains and preachers they have ever heard. It rather distresses me that they see me and not Christ. Please pray about that with me will you, Beloved? For above all else I don’t want to hide Christ. I certainly want to be remembered for more than being a good chaplain and preacher. For, after all, it is not by power or by might but by God’s spirit. It is going to be so very wonderful to pray together with you again. As you know, the most blessed and sacred moments of my life have been those when we were together in each other’s arms talking to the Lord. And how good it was always just to talk with you. I have so often hoped that we could have a nice new car and be able to take a nice long trip somewhere just being able to take our time and being able to talk and pray like we used to do. There are so many things we will have to talk over again. Beloved, as I sit here and dream of that good day when we can be together again, I can honestly say with my whole heart and soul, “Thank you Lord for even such a blessed thought.”  Darling, not being a man, you will never know how much it means to have a dear one like you to return to and join again in the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. As I’ve said on other occasions, thank you for being such a good Christian wife. I only hope I can mean partially as much to you as you do to me.

Some of Willis’ friends. Spring 1946

  Following the dinner hour, several different men came up here to my office to visit with me about things. I like to have the men come up here and I am glad that they like to come here. We were scheduled to play ball at 2 o’clock this afternoon. I started pitching the game and in the seventh inning, one of the opposing players deliberately ran into me kicking me in the head as he tried to get by. The catcher was backing up a throw to third baseman, the third baseman had missed the ball and the catcher threw it to me for I had gone into cover home plate to cut off the run. I had him out for sure but he rammed into me deliberately to try to get me to drop the ball. In so doing, he ran his knee into my forehead. It really knocked me out for a while, skinning my right knee and leg up quite badly. I came to after about 5 minutes or so. Please don’t worry, I’m all right and there is nothing wrong. My head aches some but that is to be expected after such a blow. Our fellows were really mad when that happened, for there is no reason for a man to be so unnecessarily rough when he sees he is out. When I was knocked out we were leading by a score of 4 to 3, but after that they lost the game to the other team by a score of 11 to 4. Evidently the team just fell apart. We had defeated this outfit twice before and they were really out for us I guess. Up to the time I was out of the game I had struck out six of their batters. So far I have pitched 20 games for our team and I’ve only walked three different men. And the pitcher who came in when I left walked the first two men up. They have really been taking care of me. Three different doctors have checked me over to see that everything is all right. And another called me. They have really been kind to me, telling me that they don’t want to lose a good man to their team. They’ve been teasing me that when I was out of the game the Lord wasn’t on their side, that’s why they lost. Please don’t worry for I am all right. The only thing I have is a headache and that will be gone by morning I’m sure.

  Well Lover, evening service is over now and there were 27 in attendance. I had Dwight, Dennis and Paul assist me with the service. In that they are all planning on studying for the ministry, I think it is good for them to have such opportunities. By the way, scripture for the evening service was from Ephesians 6:10-18. The title of my message being, “Is It Worth Defending?”  In other words, the kind of Christianity you are living is it worth defending and after you have defended it, what is the good of your position?

  Beloved, it is almost time for them to pick up the mail, so I had better drop this letter in the box. God bless you and the folks in all things. You id tow very tweet and I wuuuve you tow very much.

 With my deepest love forever in Christ’s love,


  Colossians 3:3

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  • John T Reed
    June 2, 2020, 3:17 am

    “It really knocked me out for a while, skinning my right knee and leg up quite badly. I came to after about 5 minutes or so.”

    Wowzers! I’m surprised there wasn’t a bench clearing brawl!

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