June 16, 1945

Okinawa Shima – Ryukyu Islands

16 June 1945

Sarah, My Dearest Darling:

Well, this has been a long tiresome day and I’m really weary this evening. There wasn’t a letter from you today but perhaps there’ll be a letter tomorrow. I got several letters of inquiry about men lost in action.And then there was a letter from Harold and Buena, Paul, Christian men’s service league, first Baptist Long Beach and my grandmother. That meal was good but yours always tops the list. Your letters help me more than you will ever know.

Willis preparing a sermon in Hawaii. March 1945.

Just before noon I wrote read read the email letters to the following: Dolores, Lois Sloan and Doug Powell. After dinner I took care of some other things that needed attention and then spent some time studying for this evenings message. I spoke on, “make an appointment with yourself.” Using as my text the story of the prodigal son. The key being found in Luke 15:17.”And when he come to himself.” There were only about 80 in attendance. By the way, this afternoon I received four more pictures from Chaplain hold through the mail. You have two of them already but there are two new ones. He has a good camera and he took the pictures just after I arrived back at the aid station with some other men have been brought back some wounded men from under enemy fire and over some very rough terrain. I’m not so good to look at, but that’s just the way I look during a lull in our fighting.

Darling, there are many things I would like to tell you dear, but I would rather not write them in a letter it will be better to talk about them face to face if it’d be our Lords will. Out here and you really see human nature in the raw and it is certain you see revealed in the average men things which would never be observed in civilian life. Out here were man live so close together and where you see them under most every kind of condition, you see more graphically than ever before Christ’s analysis of men’s shortcomings and is desperate need of a strength other than his own.

Darling, I’m weary tonight but don’t worry. I’ve been doing my very best with all that’s within me. I would rather anytime wear out than rust out. And as you know my motto is, “I would rather be a sermon anytime and ever preach one.” Lover, you are such a good wife and I only hope I can be an encouragement and a help to you in our service together for our Lord Jesus Christ. Well my dear, I’ll finish this early in the morning.

5:15 AM – 17 June 1945


I shall add a little more to this letter by answering some of your questions in your letter of May 18. You were wondering why I was transferred again to the 184th. Well, Chaplain Holt said he felt a man like me would be able to do most use out here frontline troops. And dear, as far as I’m concerned I would rather be out here any day as be back there at division headquarters. It was a nice experience to be back there for a couple of weeks but I would rather anytime share the hardships of the frontline fighting men. Men in rear echelon areas hardly know there is a war on. Most of the time they enjoy most of the things provided for men in Garrison, but we up here can expect nine of those things until the campaign is over and then probably not very long if we leave to go into another campaign in the future. I am expecting done at most anytime now, you left the Hawaiian Island about a month ago via water transportation. When he was transferred he was transferred to be my assistant. As soon he reaches division headquarters, it will cut a new set of orders sending him on up here to me. I am certainly looking forward to his arrival. He is a mighty fine young man. Always willing and ready to do what he can and decides his life is a real testimony for Christ.

Dear, your title or rather suggested name for the service of men’s wives club is very good and I feel most appropriate. Yes, I hope it will be possible for you to dissolve it in the not too distant future.

By the way, you asked if Don is married. No he is not married.

As soon as possible, or rather when it’s possible, I’m going to try and get another souvenir off to the chief. I have two for us now but I’ll mail them later when I have some more money for postage. Well lover, I will close for this time. God bless you and the folks in all things.

Yours for always in Christ who is

Our love and our life,


Colossians 3:3

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