June 10, 1945

Sunday Evening, June 10, 1945

My Beloved Darling,

I’m sorry I didn’t get to finish this letter last evening but the enemy interrupted my good intentions with an artillery barrage. And by the time it was over something else came up, and when I had taken care of that it was so dark it was impossible to try and write anymore. Right now it is so dark I can hardly see but I must try and write you a few lines and will probably get a little more off to you at daylight or dawn.

Willis leading service for a small group of men on Okinawa. 1945.

This has been a very busy Lord’s Day for which I’m always thankful for that, this day just flashed by for which I am thankful. I had four services today with a total attendance of over 500. Three of the services were communion services. And this evening I added a regular evening worship service. Darling, it is so dark I must quit for the night. I will write more in the morning the Lord willing. I love you more than ever My Darling Wife.

Early Morning June 11, 1945

Dearest Darling Sweetheart:

I got some mail late last night for which I was very thankful. There were two letters from you, they were for May 23rd and 29th. I only wish you could know how happy I was to see those letters of yours. It means so much to know what you have been doing. Everything about you is a joy and inspiration to my heart, Dear. Besides your letters, I got letters from the following people: Vivienne Schaeffer, Roy String, Mrs. Murphy (soldier’s wife), Lieut. Irvin, John Stroo and Connie. Dear, as soon as I answer the letters I will send them on you to read.

Chaplain Holt sent up some enlargements of pictures he took of me while I was back at Division Headquarters helping. Enclosed in this letter you will find three.

Sweetheart, there is much to do today so I must close for now. God bless you Beloved in all things.

Just yours forever in the love of Christ Jesus

Our Lord and Savior,


Colossians 3:3

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