July 9, 1945

Okinawa Shima – Ryukyu Islands

9 July 1945

Dearest Darling Sweetheart:

Well Dear, I feel much better this evening, my temperature is only a little above normal now. I perspired quite a lot for a while this morning but I’m not so bothered now. I didn’t get to sleep very early last night, but when I did, I slept until daylight without interruption. 

Just a little while ago Don was here to see me and bring me my mail and to my disappointment there were no letters from you, Dear. Well anyhow, I’ll still be hoping to hear from you tomorrow. The only letter I received was from Connie.

This morning I read some in my Goodspeed Bible and had my devotions from the Secret Place. I happened to see a copy of Bruce Barton’s book, “The Man Nobody Knows”, and I have read all of it but the last chapter. It is quite an interesting book to say the least.

Field Hospital on Okinawa.

This afternoon I had a most pleasant surprise. Who should walk in to see me but Chaplain Eilner Brayton, a good friend of mine. We were at Northern the same time. He and his wife are also good friends with Charlie and Nettie. He arrived here just four days ago. He saw his wife the last time on May 7th. He was in the Chaplin’s school class following mine and has been in the States all that time. He is with a bomb squadron. We could only visit about 20 minutes because he had to hurry along. He saw Alrik this morning and he found out through him that I was here on this island. Shortly after he left, two of the men from my battalion came to see me.

Dear, I am still a little weak but that is only natural after running a high temperature for a while like I have. My appetite is good now and I hope to be back to normal soon. As for me, the sooner I can get out of here the better I’ll feel.

Dear, I shall never forget a year and a half ago tonight. Do you remember what I have reference to? There are so many things I would like to say to you in letters but to be adequately expressed and understood we would have to be together again. You remembering our times of meditation and prayer together can understand why it is entirely impossible to put into words. Expressions and actions always tell a lot. Day after tomorrow it will be one year and a half since I’ve seen you Dear and that has seemed like an age to say the least. The first six months of this year raced by for which I am very grateful. I enjoyed my 10 months of duty on Christmas Island, but they were long long months to say the least. Unless something happens I know I still have a quite a while to serve overseas. But even now I’m beginning to look forward to coming home because I feel I’m on the last half, or in other words, the homestretch. Each new day always makes me happier for it brings us one day closer together. And I’m glad to mark off each week and oh how good it is to see another month of overseas service in. In the Army we have no definite assurance of time to serve overseas as does the Navy. But regardless of that, I feel that each day, week and month brings us closer together, whether it be 18 months or three years. And to me, that’s what counts. To be able to be with you again will be a joy the like of which will be almost impossible to describe this side of Eternity.

I didn’t come to the hospital empty-handed. I brought your letters with me, your grand pictures and stationary. So I’m going to make a few comments on your letter of June 7th. I’m glad you got yourself two new dresses and from the samples you enclosed they look very very nice. Dear, as I have so often said and I may say it again, if you need things be sure to get them. I want above all else that your needs be supplied.

Dear, I think that was nice to send a gift subscription to Paul and Gen for the Watchmen and Examiner, and further, I’m sure you know I’m in full accord with a gift to such fine Christian friends.

I was glad to hear that you had a chance to talk to one of the Coulslin sisters. When you talk to them be sure to give them my love and best wishes. I hope they’re able to eventually get custody of Dorothy.

I’m glad you had such a good talk with Myrtle Johnson. I’m sure she must be a fine girl. So NSBC is Dr. Wilson’s longest pastorate. Well, I’m going to close for tonight. God bless you, my Dear. Give the folks my love.

Just yours forever in Christ love,


Colossians 3:3

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