July 8, 1945

Okinawa Shima – Ryukyu Islands

8 July 1945

My Dearest Darling:

I have just finished reading your letter of June 26th and as always it was a blessing to my heart, especially is that true at this time. You always told me to be sure and tell you if I were ever sick, and further you promised you wouldn’t worry and I know that to be true because again and again you have assured me that you have trusted me unreservedly in God’s keeping.

Army Nurse administers vaccinations. Date unknown.

You will remember in my letter of the 6th I told you about not feeling very well. On that night, I slept very little and had a bad chill; so early yesterday morning I went to the medics and they found that I had a very high temperature, and immediately tagged me and sent me to the hospital. I arrived here at the hospital about 9 o’clock, and they have been treating me for dengue fever or sometimes called bone break fever. The doctor told me that I had the most severe case he has ever seen, but you need not worry, they have broken my fever now; it is only a little over 101 now. Because of the severe fever they have had to feed me through the vein. Since late yesterday afternoon I have been perspiring profusely. Please don’t worry Dear because I do feel better and perhaps by the time this letter reaches you I will be entirely well. I hated not being able to get a letter off to you last night, but it was entirely impossible. Don came to see me last evening and I was sleeping at the time and as a result I did not get to see him. He brought me your letter of June 30th telling me about spending our third anniversary day with Charlie and Marion. I know you must of had a good time with them. There is nothing in the world that can compare with good Christian friends. I am also glad to know that their children seem to be doing well.

One reason why I’ve asked Don to write this letter for me because I have been completely covered with two and three double Army blankets and that’s not because it’s cold. The rest of the men in this tent generally sleep in their shorts. As soon as I take the covers off I immediately start getting cold and sometimes shiver.

Paul Wells and his assistant were here just a few moments ago. I am sure you will be interested to know that they are expecting their baby around the first of August. If you get a chance to call Marjorie I’m sure she will be glad to hear from you.

Well, I believe that will be all for this time, perhaps tomorrow I’ll not be perspiring so much and can write to you myself.

God bless you Dear and give the folks my love. I am just yours forever and in the love of Christ Jesus.


Col. 3:3

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