July 5, 1945

Okinawa Shima – Ryukyu Islands

Early 5 July 1945

Sarah, My Beloved Darling:

Well, here it is early morning again, I’m sorry I didn’t get this letter written to you last night but by the time I could write it it was so late and dark that it was impossible to do so. I also spent about an hour studying and preparing the message which I used for last evening’s service. Yesterday being the 4th of July, I used the title,”The Declaration of Independence”. The scripture was Deuteronomy 18:19-24 and 19:3-8. I used the idea that the Declaration of Independence and the Magna Carta, or in other words, all the great documents insuring men’s freedom, springs from God’s word to Moses, and that to be fully free we must remember Christ’s own words, “Know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” And then I presented the Truth in the way and necessity of salvation. Don said he thought it was very fine but I didn’t have as much time to prepare it as I had hoped have. I have an outline which I hope to enlarge upon someday. There were only 22 men in attendance, but that was pretty good considering the fact that we are still scattered all over and still in the process of trying to get our areas and things organized. After the service, several men talked to me and then Don and I talked for a long time about the Lord’s work and many other things which are dear to our hearts. As you can be sure we talked about you a lot and Don is very anxious to meet you. Again Dear, I want to thank you for being such a wonderful Christian wife to me.

Late yesterday afternoon your grand letter of June 5th reached me and I only wish you knew how much it meant to have that fine letter. I’m so sorry it rained for the opening day of VCS. And then I’m sorry there is the epidemic of mumps going around that will undoubtedly cut down your attendance. I have been praying for you especially Dear, and I feel confident that your work will accomplish some worthwhile results.

Mom and The Chief at North Shore. 1944.

I’m going to try and comment on your letters June 3rd and 4th . I was certainly glad to hear about the fine sermons Maurice Jackson preached and I’m wholeheartedly in accord with everything he said. I only wish they had more of that kind of preaching at NSBC. There are such wonderful possibilities at that church if more of that kind of preaching and teaching were emphasized. There is no reason in the world why there shouldn’t be 500 young people regularly attending that church, that is I mean BYF. I believe some would say that is over optimistic, but I believe that is entirely possible in and through Christ. I know that His arm is not shortened. Actually, it seems to me they are only coasting along. In other words, a lot of motion but very little movement. I was certainly glad to hear about Barbara Brown and Hellen Braydon dedicating their lives to full-time Christian service. And then I’m glad to hear about Helen’s brother Earl who is in your class. I think it is a shame that more young people do not go into the field of full-time Christian service, but basically it seems to me it is our own fault. Too often we sit back and think the Lord will do the calling, but I think we find the seed thought for this in Isaiah the sixth chapter. When he saw the Lord he at the same time saw the need and when the Lord said, “Who will go for us?” Isaiah responded, “Here am I, send me.” In other words, I think too often young people are only more or less entertained in programs and services rather than challenged. More and more I feel a personal challenge to be a young peoples leader of some kind or other, I probably do not possess the qualifications but I am willing to do that which is according to the Lord’s will. A work like that at NSBC is really challenging to me, but don’t misunderstand me, I’m willing and ready to go to a place like Montana, the Dakotas or Utah and start from scratch; and I know you are also which means a lot. Large fields like NSBC but I’m willing to go anywhere. Don, is very gracious in some of his statements, but on several occasions he has told me that he would like to see me as a president of some college or school like Wheaton. He has said why but I hesitate to write it to you in a letter, I would rather have him tell you. I know I do not have the necessary qualifications, but again I say I’m willing to do what the Lord wants me to do.

I got a kick out of Ted Eckstrom’s statement about the Men’s Class even receiving Swedes as members. That sounds just like him. I always get a good laugh out of him. He is certainly a spark plug in that men’s class.

Dear, I took an article out of Time magazine in the religious section which I thought you would like to see. Of course, this Chaplain was talking to his own church but basically it applies to all of Protestantism. Especially note the blocked in section.

Well, Beloved, I will have to close for now. God bless you and the folks in all things.

Forever yours alone because we are

One in Christ,


Colossians 3:3

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