July 4, 1946

Seoul, Korea

4 July 1946

Sarah, My Beloved Darling Sweetheart:

In another half an hour it will be time for our evening meal, but I want to start this letter before that time. Even though today is officially a holiday the regular attendants of the Bible class decided that we would have our Bible class anyway. In that today was the 4th they didn’t have the mail run so that meant no mail from you, Beloved. After the events of this day I could have most certainly used one of your precious letters, but I’ll be hoping for some tomorrow. My patience concerning this fouled up Army has been pressed to the breaking point. Jeanette is to leave here tomorrow morning and will probably sail Saturday morning. And today they informed me that I will not have a chance to leave here now until the 20th of July or later, for that is when the next ship is supposed to come in. They are generally 3 to 5 days late and then they never sail until 3 to 8 days later. So as things look now, I will not be able to leave here until around the 1st of August, and if the ship happens to be a slow tub, I’ll be arriving there around the last week of August. Alrik finally managed to get through again this morning and he too is very much fed up with the whole affair. I’ve been overseas over 6 months longer than he has. Please forgive me for complaining, Dear, but I’m so lonesome and in need of your blessed presence that I cannot stand much more of this being separated from you. I’m sure you know what I mean.

July 4, 1946. The United States recognizes Philippine Independence.

  It has been pretty dead around the hospital all day because only the very necessary work was taken care of and a lot of the personnel got passes to go into Seoul to visit. It has been cloudy most of the day but so far it hasn’t started to rain, but it looks like it might most anytime now. I’m just too weary and tired to be interested in anything.

  I’ve been around and called in a lot of the wards today and have been doing a little more reading along with lining up for my return to the States. I have most everything like I wanted and will probably get the box of books off to you within the next week sometime. By the way, early this morning I wrote a letter to Don McClintock and one to Audrey Asmus enclosing a copy of,  “The Chosen Life” for the month of June.

  Chaplain Riley and Chaplain Edwards were out here to call on some men who are patients from their organizations. They visited with me for a while and both of them are very much fed up with everything and they have only been in the Army a little more than a year and have been overseas just about one year.

  It seems that Helen Christie is on another rampage of acting up. It is about time that girl grows up. She needs to settle down and remember that she is a young woman and not a child anymore. It could be that there is some organic condition but perhaps she has gone through a physical check-up, I don’t know. How old is she now?

  The man who told Miss Storey that Korea is the forgotten place certainly hit the nail right on the head. We are actually at the end of the line and you can certainly tell it by the way they are treating us over here. Well, my Dear, it is almost time for me to go to eat so I will close for now. God bless you and the folks in all things.

 I’m just yours Dear, because of Christ’s love,


 Colossians 3:3

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