July 30, 1946

Seoul, Korea

30 July 1946

Dearest Darling Sweetheart:

In that I have a whole lot to do tonight I’m not going to write you such a long letter. I was very much disappointed today because we didn’t receive any mail and I had so hoped that there would be some from you. I had to turn in my typewriter so as a result I am writing this by hand. It is just about time for them to pick up our mail so I must hurry.

  This has certainly been a busy day for me. I was up very early and made my rounds to the wards and then proceeded to clear all my property. That took until almost noon. Then Chaplain Lyndsey came to see me and visit with me before my departure.  He had dinner with me and left shortly thereafter.

  Part of the afternoon I used to call on some more of the patients and bid them goodbye. And then about 4 o’clock I decided to start packing my duffel bag. If I didn’t have my communion case it wouldn’t be so bad, but I don’t want to chance sending it through the mail. It is very valuable and means so much to me after all the conditions and services I’ve had it it in.

  Lover, I still have a lot to do and I want to get some rest and be up very early in the morning so I can be down to the Replacement Depot early.

  God bless you and the folks in all things. I’ll try to write you a better letter tomorrow evening.

 I’m forever and always just yours Beloved, in Christ’s love,


 Colossians 3:3

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