July 3, 1946

Seoul, Korea

3 July 1946

Sarah, My Dearest Darling Sweetheart:

Well, I know I won’t have enough time to finish this letter before time for our midweek service but at least I want to have part of it written by that time. It was certainly good to have two more of your letters today, they were for June 20th and 22nd. They have helped me very much and I’m just hoping that I will soon be able to send you a cable which will be your signal to cease sending letters to me over here. It is going to be so wonderful to be able to talk with you again and not have to depend upon letters to know what you have been doing.

  As per usual, I called in the various wards this morning and then tried to do some studying for this evening’s service. After dinner, I went over to my quarters and took care of some dirty clothes. That took quite a little time. I had a number of interruptions this afternoon and as a result, it seems that I was unable to accomplish all that I had hoped to accomplish. I did manage to get some of my books ready for shipment and as soon as I find a couple more of them I will have that box ready. I also planned a little how I’m going to pack some other things for my return to the States. As you can see, it looks like I have accomplished very little even though I have been very busy all day.

Willie Jr.

  It rained several times this morning. This afternoon it almost cleared for about an hour but most of the time it has been very cloudy and so far it hasn’t rained this afternoon. I wouldn’t be surprised if it did rain some more tonight. As I’ve been saying now for some time I’m still in the dark and there is nothing new to report.

  By the way, in your letter of the 22nd, you told me about receiving the box which I sent to you on May 15th. It made me feel very happy to know that it meant so much to you to receive the little presents. I’m anxious for you to receive something which I sent to you on June 4th in one of the boxes. I feel that you will like them very much. At least I’m hoping so, they will be helpful to us in our home I’m sure.

  Darling, the book, “Jesus the man of Prayer,” must be a very good book and I’m sure I will enjoy reading it. Such books are always an inspiration and I’m sure it will be good to read it. I’m glad that you renewed Paul and Gen’s subscription to The Watchmen and Examiner. I’m glad that Sherry is feeling so well and I know they must be very happy as they look forward to the arrival of their firstborn. That was very nice of Audrey to send you the shells from Okinawa and I’m sure it will be nice for our collection of shells which I have sent to you from Christmas Island.

  Well, our midweek service is over and there were only 19 in attendance. I spoke on this team, “Peace of Mind.”  I’m enclosing the little bulletin which I used for the service. I had it Dwight prepare and lead the service this evening. It gives them an opportunity to have experience. It is to be Dennis’ turn Sunday evening. I’m doing all I can to help the men so it will make it easier for them later in their ministry as well as their college and seminary days.

  I was interested to hear about the woman out at the old people’s home in Maywood who is teaching Paul some things concerning public speaking, that is a fine opportunity for Paul and I think he is very wise to take advantage of such training.

  I was certainly surprised to hear that Calvin Lee called you and it will be good to have a visit with him again. I’ve never seen Calvin since we left Christmas Island. I suppose he is back at his old job at Sears. I wish I knew what his address is and then we could drop him a card when I return.

  I’m inclined to agree with the Chief concerning Ralph Stewart. If that is critical, please forgive me. I really do feel they could obtain a better man for such occasions. I would certainly enjoy teaching a men’s class like they have at North Shore.

  Well Beloved, in a few minutes they will be picking up the mail so I had better get this letter in the box. I love you much more than ever I have before.

 Yours only and always because we are forever each others in Christ’s love,


 Colossians 3:3 

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  • John T Reed
    July 3, 2020, 3:19 am

    Love the doggone cute picture of Willie Jr.!! 🙂

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