July 29, 1946

Seoul, Korea

29 July 1946

Sarah, My Beloved Darling Sweetheart:

It is very late, in fact it is too late for me to even be able to have this letter in the box for pickup. But this day has really been a full one and I’m somewhat weary but before going to bed I want to drop you a few lines. The best thing about this whole day was the fact that I received three more of your good letters, they were you are as of July 7th, 18th, and 19th. I hope your letters keep on coming through as well as these did, and perhaps I could have the privilege of receiving word from you of what Dr. Koller says about the situation at Northern. It would make the trip much easier on the ship home if I have some kind of an idea what we will do after my return. I also got a very fine letter from Paul Vogel.

  Before I tell you of any of the events today, I must tell you what happened last evening following our evening worship service. I was informed that I was to go to the Red Cross headquarters at 8:30 last evening. When I got down there, what did I see but a lot of chairs and tables with cups and food, and quite a number of people around. Shortly after I arrived many more came, in fact, the place was filled to capacity. After arriving down there, I found out it was a farewell party for me. People just kept coming and going and partaking of the fresh lemonade, coffee and other things to eat. I still don’t know where they obtained the lemons for the lemonade. The whole thing really took me by surprise and the number in attendance was really something. Of course, everybody was very kind in their comments and remarks and all wished us the best of everything. If only I was able through Christ to do partially as well as they say oh, I’m thankful for that fact. Our Colonel has been in the Army for around 20 years and he told me that he was very much satisfied with the work here at the hospital. He said it otherwise but I don’t care to write in the letter, I would rather have had you hear it than have to repeat it to you by letter.

  This morning was very busy calling all the wards and then taking care of a number of last-minute details around the hospital. Just before noon, I sent you the cable saying, “RECEIVED ORDERS.”  From what they tell me, you may have it now, but if not it will only be a few hours until you do have. I sent it the fastest way, and of course, that will be your signal to discontinue writing. I hope you will know when you receive the message that I sent it to you today.

  Immediately following the dinner hour, Dennis and I left for Seoul to mail a couple of packages. Our post office doesn’t take parcel post on Mondays so I wanted to get these off to you. One was a box of books and the other an old comforter which I rescued from burning on Christmas Island. We will probably be able to use it sometime. The main purpose for my going into town was to find Rody Hyun, I wanted to see him before I left for the States. I trailed him around to several different places but never did have the good fortune of finding him. I’m going to try and find him again tomorrow if I have enough time.

  When we got back from town I found your wonderful letters here and I read them over several times today and they were indeed manna my hungry soul. By the time I finished them, it was time for me to get over to supper (I had to eat early because of the ballgame).  After eating I came back up here to the office and changed my clothes for the game.

  Lover, you will be interested to know that we defeated a very tough team buy a score of 1 to 0. I didn’t have any luck at batting, but fortunately, in pitching I came through all right. I believe the opposing team only received two hits. Our team was right on the beam last night and we really took the other team down. They were so sure there were going to drub us good and plenty.

  Darling, your letters contained some more pictures and they were so good, I especially like the pictures taken on the day of our fourth wedding anniversary. I like your new dress very much. I also received the letter with the order of service for the closing program of Vacation Bible School; it was certainly good, Dear. And there have never been or ever will be words that can or could describe how thankful I am for the privilege of being your husband. It was certainly a great surprise to me to hear about them giving you a check for $125 for your work in Vacation Bible School. I know of course you didn’t expect it, but it does show how much they think of your work. As you said, I think you will be wise to invest some of it in other phases of the Lord’s work.

  In your letter of the nineteenth, you told me about talking to Mr. Arnold and from what he told you this whole Northern situation leads me more muddled than ever. Well, we shall leave it in the Lord’s hands and be assured that He will lead us all right.

  The reason I didn’t have this letter written in time to drop in the box this evening was because following the ball game and number of the men asked me to go with them for a walk into the mountain here north of the hospital and watch the sunset. That is what we did and it was beautiful to behold. I know you would have enjoyed it very much, Dear. It was only half enjoyed because you were not with me. I’m praying now that it won’t be too long until we will be together.

 Beloved, it is now very late and I’m so tired so I had better bring this letter to a close. God bless you and the folks in all things.

 Yours only and always in Christ’s love,


 Colossians 3:3 

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