July 28, 1946

Seoul, Korea

28 July 1946

Dearest Darling Sweetheart:

Well, Beloved, I don’t have a lot of time before our evening service, but I do want to have this written and in the box by then so I won’t have to hurry to finish it after the service. This has been another very hot and humid day, there are only a few thunderheads drifting around here and there.

  I was up early this morning and went over my sermon again several times before time for our morning service. I used a sermon this morning that I used once before, the title was, “Making a Living”  and the scripture was I Timothy 6:11-21. It was the same one I used back at the old 184th Infantry just before coming out here to the hospital. Of course, I changed it some places because of the different set up here at the hospital. There were only 91 in attendance because of the terrific heat. One fellow started to pass out this morning but they got him out before he went completely under. This morning I cut the service rather short because of the heat, it only lasted 37 minutes altogether.

  Following the dinner hour, we played a ball game and lost by a score of 7 to 5. We should have won, but there were several bad errors, and of course, that meant the difference in winning and losing. I didn’t have good luck at bat either so I’m afraid I’m slipping. I still love to play and always try to do my very best.

  I came back up here to my office and found two old friends up here to visit with me before I leave. I was very much surprised and very glad to see them. We visited until time for the evening meal. There just doesn’t seem to be a breath of air anywhere, and as a result, it is most miserable.

  It is so very hot this evening that I’m almost sure that there will be very few in attendance. My scripture is John 19th Chapter, verses 1-18 and also John 3:16.  The title of my message is,  “Perishable – Rush.”  In other words, bringing out the importance of urgency of the gospel and salvation which we have in Christ.

  If possible, I’m going to try and go into Seoul tomorrow to see Rody before leaving for the Replacement Depot. I’ll tell you if I do tomorrow evening. I suppose Jeanette has or will be there soon for if she had a good ship which I know she did, she should be there right now. I wish I could think that we would be together a month from today, but that is almost too much to hope for, I understand the ship which I will probably be on is a slow Victory ship. The one Jeanette went on was a regular transport built for such work. And I so hope I find out the straight of everything before I leave here.

  Well, Lover, I have been detained for about 20 minutes and now must bring this letter to a close. God bless you and the folks in all things.

  Always and only yours in Christ’s love,



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