July 27, 1946

Seoul, Korea

27 July 1946

Sarah, My Beloved Darling:

Well, this has been another very hot and humid day. It is late in the evening right now, but I’m so warm that I’m actually soaked from the bottom of my feet to the top of my head. We didn’t have a break at all today, we had a couple of showers yesterday and of course that helped some. However, last night, it was so hot until after midnight that I didn’t receive much rest.

MY ORDERS ARRIVED HERE AT THE HOSPITAL THIS AFTERNOON: I saw them with my own eyes and it is wonderful to say the least to have them finally at last. I’m to report to the First Replacement battalion as I told you in last night’s letter on the 31st of July. Alrik called me from there last evening and told me that he had heard that my orders were cut yesterday morning. And from what he said, the first ship is supposed to come on August 7th so with good luck we are to sail on or about the 10th of August. I hate that week wait at the Replacement Depot but it is so good to know that at last I have orders that almost anything can be endured now.

  It was certainly disappointing not to have any mail at all today, that means we will have to wait until Monday now before we can hope for mail. I’m certainly hoping that some will come in then but even at that, I can hardly expect any kind of an answer to the situation at Northern.

  All day long every one has been telling me how glad they are to hear at last that I have orders. The news spread like wildfire around here and everyone has been telling me how glad they are to know that I finally got a break. Of course, everyone knows about how long I have been overseas and my combat and that everyone says they know you will be happy to hear such news. Darling, I’ve been thinking over the idea of sending the cable and I think I will send it Monday which is the 29th of July and that way you can stop writing as soon as the message reaches you and I’m going to keep on writing until we go aboard ship and then when that letter arrives you can figure 3 weeks from the postmark and I will be arriving anytime after that date.

  Naturally, I’m still quite concerned about the situation at Northern. I would so like to know something one way or the other before I leave here, but I’ll just leave it in the Lord’s hands and pray for His will to be done. After thinking over it last night and again today, I’m more convinced than ever that you had better not take the job unless we have absolutely assurance of an apartment. As you know, I don’t care to have you working at all, and besides, if the Lord so wills we ought to try and have our firstborn sometime a year from this fall. All the uncertainty is indeed trying and to be kept right up to the last minute wondering isn’t at all easy.

  Just before noon, Chaplain Jaegar called and wanted to know if it were true that I had received orders. Of course, I told him what I knew and he said they were going to have a hard time filling my place, etc. The place I want to fill is that vacant one by your blessed side and then together we can serve our wonderful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  Lover, in that they don’t pick up our mail tomorrow, I’m going to save this letter and mail it with my letter of tomorrow evening. God bless you and the folks in all things.

 Yours alone in Christ’s love,


 Colossians 3:3 

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