July 26, 1946

Seoul, Korea

26 July 1946

Sarah, My Beloved Darling:

MY ORDERS WERE CUT TODAY AT THE FIRST REPLACEMENT BATTALION, and I am to report there next Wednesday morning which will be the 31st of July. I haven’t seen the orders myself, but I have heard about them from two different sources. (1) Just after I left for my noon meal a phone call came in for me, it was from Chaplain Riley of the First Replacement Battalion informing me that my orders had just been cut there this morning. When I came back from dinner, Dennis told me about it and of course it was very very hard for me to believe after all that has happened in the past. (2) And then this evening just before I left my office to go over to the mess hall the phone rang again informing me that the 80th Medical Group which is immediately above this hospital had just received a copy of my orders saying I was to report to the Replacement Depot next Wednesday for return to the United States. The officer told me that he knew about my situation and wanted to get the word to me as soon as possible. I haven’t seen a copy of the orders myself, but I’m quite sure they wouldn’t call me and tell me if it were not true. The orders are to arrive out here sometime tomorrow morning. Now Darling, don’t get too excited because the next ship is not due here until the 7th of August, which means we may not get away from here until around the 10th of August. Sweetheart, I decided not to send you the cable until just before we board our ship and then that way you can know that it will be about three weeks from that time before we reach the West Coast and it will probably take at least five or six days from the West Coast to Fort Sheridan. I hope there won’t be too much delay at Seattle, but you never can tell about such things. At least my orders have been cut and things are beginning to look up. It will be so very wonderful to be with you again, Beloved.

Pictures sent home from Willis. 1946.

  It was certainly wonderful to have two more of your letters today, they were your letters of July 12th and 16th. They were so helpful to me in every way. Of course, your letter of the 4th of July is still straying somewhere. Naturally, I was eagerly looking forward to your letter of the 16th, so I thought maybe I could find out something for sure about the situation out at Northern, but in that Dr. Koller was still out of town until the 23rd of July, you don’t know and I’m still on the spot and will probably have to make the whole journey back to the States not knowing definitely what has been decided. It just seems that we’re constantly being kept on the spot about this whole thing. However, from what his secretary said, it seems he has already found someone to take the job. And Darling, I agree with you fully if we don’t get an apartment in accepting such an offer, I by all means feel you shouldn’t take the job. As you know, I don’t care too much about you working and if we don’t have an apartment at the Seminary, I by all means think it best not to work there. It is so very difficult to try and talk such things over through the mail. To be with you again and have the opportunity to pray and discuss things will indeed be a blessed joy.

  By the way, I was certainly surprised and amazed to hear about Chaplain Mitchell accepting a Baptist church in Seattle. He is a presbyterian. I wonder why he didn’t take a Presbyterian church, did Chuck or Ruth give any reason?

   It was really very very hot and humid again today. It rained for about 15 minutes this noon and then this evening just after supper it rained for almost half an hour. Last night was another very hot and miserable night to try and sleep.

  I thought I might receive a call from Alrik today but so far he hasn’t called at all. There is a little breeze right now and I do hope it keeps up for then maybe I can have a little rest tonight.

  From what you said in your letter of July 7th, you must have had a fine time with Paul and Gen and I know it must have meant a lot to you to hear Paul preach. And then to see the Scheus and John and Iris must have been very very nice. I was glad you were able to meet Edna Yamata.  I’m hoping I will have the privilege to meet her sometime.

  Well Beloved, it is getting rather late and I had better drop this letter in the box. God bless you and the folks in all things.

 Yours now and forever in the love of Christ Jesus,


 Colossians 3:3

 P.S. Enclosed find the pictures which Miss Huff, the Red Cross worker sent me. 

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