July 23, 1945

Okinawa Shima – Ryukyu Islands

23 July 1945

Dearest Darling Sweetheart:

I was made especially glad today with the arrival of your letters for July 13th and 14th. It was so good to have them. Your letters just change everything. I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t know what you were doing day by day. Again, thank you for being such a wonderful Christian wife. And then, believe it or not, finally at last your letter of May 13th reached me last night. Evidently it was misplaced or mis-sent when we were on our big push. Even though it was old, it was good and a spiritual blessing to me as is every one of your letters. Besides your letters, I got another nice letter from Betty Weiskopf telling me that there were more pocket Bible handbooks on the way. As soon as I answer the letter I will send it on to you to read. I also got another Guide and bulletin from North Shore, and the bulletins from the First Church of Long Beach, California. I also received a bunch of Links to distribute to the men. And then I finally received from the Federal Council of Churches the little pamphlet I sent for sometime ago. It is entitled, “What do Protestants believe?”

Chaplains Holt and Reed before communion on Okinawa.

Early yesterday morning I left here to the Engineers. I had several things to take care of while there and then I did get to have a good visit with some of my old friends there. I drew up some plans for them to construct a pulpit for us in our little chapel we have made. I asked them to put it together with screws so in case we should move again all we will have to do is take it apart and take it along with us.

After that I left for Division Headquarters, for I had several things to take care of there. And again I got to meet several of those I became acquainted with while I was back there helping Chaplain Holt. Something which I didn’t know and turned out to be a surprise to me, was the fact that I was informed that I had some pay coming for some travel pay which I didn’t know about. So while there I went into the finance office and checked up on it and had them send what it will amount to in a check to you. As near as I can figure, it will come to about 20 some dollars. You will probably be receiving the check within the next week or so. You know I was just thinking, this was such an unexpected gift that I think it would be good to apply it where it might help someone else or some good cause. John Mueller wrote and told me that they are trying to liquidate the church debt at East Moline by the end of August, so what do you think about us sending a check or money order for $25 to the church as a token of our thanks to the goodness of the Lord and the joy and happiness which was ours in serving with them even though it were for only a little while. What do you think, Darling? You could have the check made out to the church and then sent to John and Helen to present to the church.

By the time we returned to our headquarters it was time for dinner. I did do a little reading before but not very much. After having my dinner, I spent about an hour and a half washing out more of my clothes. Washing fatigues is always a very hard job when you don’t have a wringer. As soon as I finished that job I came on down to our Chaplain’s tent to study for a while. I hadn’t been here too long until the men came by and asked me to pitch for them, I pitched the entire game for them and allowed two hits. We won by a score of 2 to 1. 

Early 24 July 1945

Good Morning Sweetheart:-

Last night as I was writing your letter a fellow came in to see me and he said he had several things he would like to talk to me about. We had a very long talk and he seemed to feel much better after our discussion. By that time it was so very late that it was impossible to finish this letter because it was time for the lights to be out for the night.

Dear, it will be so good when I can tell you about some of the wonderful discussions and things I have been able to talk to men about. By the way, while I was at Division Headquarters yesterday morning, I asked the base censor about sending home to you some pictures. I’m able to send you four of them but the others will have to wait until later because of military security. It will give you some kind of an idea what tough terrain we had to fight over. I am in two of the pictures. I hope you will like them.

Well Dear, this is going to be a busy day for me because Don and I are going to call on men in the hospital. God bless you my Dear, I shall try to write to you a better letter tonight.

Always and forever just yours

In the love of Christ Jesus,



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