July 21, 1945

Okinawa Shima – Ryukyu Islands

21 July 1945

My Beloved Sweetheart-Wife:

I got up early this morning and after having my breakfast left here to call on different men from my outfit who are in the hospital. I got to see quite a few of the men. However, some of them have been returned to duty and others have been evacuated for good from our island. I arranged to take all mail to them. When they go to the hospital their mail is always delayed and they are always glad to have their mail. There are a lot of hospitals and then it takes time to check through the files to find out what wards they are in. We had to drive a good many miles and that takes time also. And some of those roads after riding over them in a jeep you feel like you have just had a good beating. We arrived back here at headquarters just before supper, so you can see that it has been a long tiresome day. I like to call on men but when you have to travel so far and over such roads it is really tiring to say the least.

3 cent stamp 1945.

When I returned here the first thing I looked for was a letter from you but there wasn’t any. However, I will be hoping for one tomorrow, your letters always means so much, Dear. There were two letters though, they were from Paul and one of the men who is in the 98th. The letter from Paul was as good as you would naturally expect. He told me about writing the other letter and only putting $.03 on it, so he wrote this one and sent it air mail saying practically the same things he said in the other letter.

It was nice and cool this morning following the rain we have had but this afternoon it really warmed up again. So far I cannot complain too much about the weather on this island. It wasn’t so nice yesterday, but it wouldn’t have been bad at all if someone had properly taken care of our tent when the frame and content was put up, there would have been no trouble. If our weather is no worse then yesterday’s, I can find no reason to complain. When we were in our big push and it rained so many days in row, it was made additionally miserable because there was no possibility of seeking protection from the elements. We had our foxhole and poncho but during the time it rained so hard at times that the water would fill up our foxhole in spite of our ditching and our poncho. The water would seep in from below and on the sides. During the day you generally see some very beautiful cloud formations. The wind generally stays in about the same direction here. As I have told you before, we do have some very beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Of course, the presence of clouds have a lot to do with the glories of the dawn and the close of every day.

Yes, the campaign was officially over but that doesn’t mean we are not still rounding up small pockets of enemy soldiers. It is almost unbelievable some of the caves and crevices they will live in. Day before yesterday a few men in our outfit very unexpectedly ran into a group of enemy soldiers. The unexpectedness of the whole thing really gave our men a scare. And of course, we still know that there are some on the north end of the island where it is very rough and filled with a lot of caves and undergrowth. They will probably be rounding up and killing enemy soldiers a year from now.

You certainly had some experience with the electricity on the morning of June 28th. It was too bad that it caused you and Mr. Randquist so much trouble. It doesn’t take much of a short sometimes to cause a whole lot of trouble. To me, that is such a good illustration of what small sins in one life can do. From all outward appearances there should be light for Christ, but because of something wrong which is not visible to the eye without close investigation results in the fact that there is no light. When Christ said, “Let your light so shine,” he meant just that, purge from out of your heart and life the things which make for a “short circuit.”

The little party that you had up at Milligans sounded nice and I’m sure you must have had a good time. I have always thought a lot of the Milligans. The gifts you bought for Marion and Charlie and the children sounded nice and I’m sure they must have enjoyed them.

Dear, in your letter of June 29th you told me about receiving the anniversary roses. I’m glad you liked them. It was certainly sweet of Mom to see that they were delivered to you before leaving for Charlie and Marion’s. Remember, my love and devotion was found in the fragrance of each of those roses. I hope it won’t be too much longer before I’ll be able to give you your roses in person. Roses mean so much to me because both of us love them so much.

I don’t know that I would be able to do Helen Christie much good but I certainly would like to have an opportunity to talk to her sometime. She probably isn’t in the best of health, but her attitude and actions cannot help but make her restless and dissatisfied with life. She is her own worst enemy. I assure you that I will remember her in prayer.

Well, my Dear, it is rather late and I am tired so I must close for tonight. God bless you and the folks in all things. It will be so good when I can tell you that personally.

Always and forever just yours

In the Love of the Lord Jesus Christ,


Colossians 3:3

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