July 17, 1945

Okinawa Shima – Ryukyu Islands

17 July 1945

Dearest Darling Sweetheart:

Twenty three months ago tonight I was just beginning to feel the ache in my heart which I’ve carried ever since we parted. That ache grows in intensity as the hours and days slip by. It is hard to bear, but then again I’m glad for that ache in my breast is a constant reminder of what you mean to me now and always. It has seemed like a long long time since we parted, but I’m willing to go through most anything if I can just return to you someday. Many things have happened since that day but I want to return to you a better Christian husband than when I left you. I know I wasn’t all I should have been but forgive me and I will in the future seek to be a more yielded servant of our Lord and thus a greater joy and inspiration to you as your husband.

The Muellers from East Moline.

This evening following our evening meal I came down here to the Chaplain’s tent and found two letters which came in for me, they were from John and Helen Mueller, (It was such a good letter, I’ll send it on to you when I answer), and I also had a letter from Connie.

I have been very busy all day taking care of more letters of condolence as well as taking care of more letters of inquiry from those who have lost loved ones here as well as in the Philippines. I also took care of some other official things and then studied until about one half hour before supper. I then hurried over to my tent, dubbed my shoes, washed a few underclothes and then took a shower.

By the way, I wrote a letter to my father this morning and this evening I tried to catch up on some more of my back letters by writing to Sarah Coyne, Chaplain Wayne Soliday, Katherine Riley and the Dear Chief and Mom.

And now I am writing to my Darling Sweetheart, the highlight of everyday. This evening I start with your letter of June 20th. I’m glad that you and Myrtle had such a fine opportunity to visit with each other. From all you have told me, I can see that she is a splendid Christian girl. I’m glad that John finally got his orders for such suspense isn’t easy. I’m sure that Sherry will miss him. By the way, Paul led the Bible class tonight. There were 22 present. Tomorrow evening I have the midweek service and Thursday evening I’m starting a study of how we got our English Bible.

I was glad to know that Bob and Margaret had such a nice time up at Lake Geneva. I’m so glad to know they are so happy. I was sorry to hear that Edith was sick just before the wedding. She had probably overworked herself in preparation for Lois’ wedding.

Well Darling, this isn’t such a good letter but I am very tired and I have to get up early in the morning to leave here for the formal dedication of our Division Cemetery. I am to have a part on the program. God bless you my Dear, and remember, I love you more than ever.

Just yours forever in the

Love of our Lord Jesus Christ,


Colossians 3:3

P.S. Enclosed find a letter from Katherine Reilly, Chaplain Soliday and Sarah Coyne.

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