July 14, 1945

Okinawa Shima – Ryukyu Islands

14 July 1945

Dearest Darling Sweetheart:

I’ve really been on the go all day, it doesn’t seem that I’ve accomplished a lot but anyhow I’ve done my best. Early this morning I left here for the Engineers to give some information to two men who have had some problems. While there, Sgt. Hunter gave me the last good box they had to send another Japanese rifle to the Chief. Perhaps he would like to give it to someone. Or maybe somebody may like to buy it from him for a gun collection. It is his and he can do with it what he likes. I hope it comes through all right. It certainly has a fine box for shipping.

After returning to our Chaplain’s tent, I wrote some more letters of condolence. I think that will take care of them now except for some of who may die of wounds later.

Up until dinnertime I studied on my message for tomorrow morning. After having my dinner, I washed out a lot of clothes which took time. The hardest things to wash are fatigues because they become so heavy and bulky when they get wet. The rest of the afternoon I spent in writing a letter to the Vogels, Normans, Louise Davis, and after supper I wrote letters to Marguerite Simonian, Laura Pettygrove and Vivian Schaffer. And now I’m doing the next best thing to reading one of your precious letters. Of course, the best thing of all is the privilege of being with you again so we can pray and have good talks. Just to be with you will be about the grandest thing I can think of. Dear, you grow more precious every moment.

By the way, in one of Marguerite’s letters she enclosed a nice picture of the Reading Room in the Service Men’s Center at Tremont Temple. Mrs. Arthur, who is in charge of the center, is standing second from the left at the rear of the room. And that is Marguerite sitting at the head of the table. That will be another picture to add to our final group of pictures. I do hope they are able to get a good strong man to follow Dr. Brownsville.

The only mail I got today was from Time Magazine, and a letter from the group who invited me to the Religious Conference while at Long Beach, California. They were wondering if there was anything they could do to help me in my work out here. Mrs. Sims, the president, is a go-getter and is always seeking to help. They were very kind to me and have sent me something as a gift which ought to come soon. When it arrives I’ll tell you about it. Don has given me a gift subscription to Time Magazine. That is really grand of him. He is really a fine fellow.

Dear, the officers are all having a big blow tonight. I’m sure I need not tell you what is involved. As before, I’ll probably sleep little because of sickness and just plain noise. Well anyhow, I’m happy to be here by myself looking out into the blue of God’s heaven with the new moon floating along so gallantly. However, it is hard for the lonesomeness not to hurt my heart when I think of my loved ones so many thousands of miles away.

This evening I shall start with your letter of June 14th. I’m glad they have someone to take your place in the office. It is good to know she is going to be able to help with Vacation Bible School. From what Dr. Wilson told you, she must be a fine worker and will undoubtedly be a good addition for them.

Those books Dr. Hepburn told you about sounded very good so I believe it would be good to have them for our library. I was also interested in what he said about Gilbert Davis and Pat Vaux, from what you’ve told me things and certainly don’t look good for them. They are going to have some hard days ahead of them. I do hope they get a hold of themselves before it’s too late. From what you told me in your letter, the speaker must have given a fine message concerning conditions in China. China has a great future and I sincerely believe there are real possibilities for the cause of Christ.

I’m sorry to know that things were not going so well at the Intermediate camp. I’m wondering who was in charge this year. And who they had for leaders. It must’ve been hard for Lee to say the least with the girl who had a nervous breakdown. I certainly liked the picture you enclosed of them.

I was certainly glad to hear about the owner of the Princess Steamship line who is making possible the shipment of clothing relief for the homeless and destitute of Europe.

I was certainly surprised to hear about the way Roy was called to the church to be Director of Christian Education. I don’t know Roy too well, but I don’t feel he will ever be able to take Maurice’s place. I may be surprised but I’m a little afraid he isn’t the man for the job.

Darling, your letter of May 13th is still missing, I’m afraid it is gone for good now. I hate to miss a single one of your letters because they mean so much to me. I hope my letters help you half as much as yours help me.

Well Dear, I must close for tonight and may God richly bless you and the folks.

Just yours forever in the love of Christ,


Colossians 3:3

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