July 12, 1945

Okinawa Shima – Ryukyu Islands

12 July 1945

Sarah, My Beloved Darling:

I am rather lonesome tonight because I had expected a letter or so from you today but none came through. I miss your letters so much when I fail to hear from you. You will never know just how much they do strengthen and help me. I had hoped that your packages would reach me also soon. It is now two months or over since you sent them to me. The way some of the packages come through it makes me wonder how yours will come through. Unless they are crushed, I’m sure you will have for me some of your good cookies.

Well Dear, I left the hospital this morning. I still feel pretty weak but otherwise I’m fine. I asked if I could go out and the doctor said yes, on the basis that I promised to take it easy for a while. He also advised me to avoid the sunshine as much as possible for two or three days. You will probably think I’m bad, but Sweetheart, honestly I’ll be careful. There are several things I want to get done immediately. Before dinner I laid down for about 15 minutes and this evening after eating I relaxed for almost half an hour.

Army Corps of Engineers on Okinawa.

On my way from the hospital this morning I had a good visit with the Engineers. I stopped by on the way here to see them. I certainly miss that outfit. By the way, you will be interested to know that Major Wilhelm has been promoted to a Lieutenant Colonel and is on his way to the States for 45 days furlough.

After eating dinner I left here for Division Headquarters to see Chaplain Holt. We had a good visit. He is so happy he can hardly contain himself, he is leaving for the mainland shortly for discharge from the Army. I can imagine just how happy he must be about the whole thing. As he said to me, he hardly knows how grand it will be to be just plain Reverend again. He is going to take about three months rest before he decides what he is going to do.

Paul conducted the Bible class this evening. I’m going to be prepared for services this coming Sunday.

In your letter of the 10th of June, you said you had just had a nice talk to Kitty and Olga. When you talk to them again be sure to give them my love and best wishes. Tell Auntie Skaggs that I was certainly happy to hear about George Chan being discharged on points. I too would like to see him again for a good visit like we often had in Chinese Sunday school. 

Your description of the Children’s Day program sounded very good. I only wish more parents would realize the privilege and opportunity of training children up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Our great hope for the future is real Christian homes.

I’m glad you had such a good time with Paul and Gen. And I’m glad that the children liked the things you took to them. I love them every one and anything to cheer, help them or show them our love makes me happy. I can’t imagine how good it must have been to sing some of our good old favorite songs. 

I got a kick out of reading about the folks going up to the cottage and finding out about the squirrels. If they did all the things that folks ascribed to them, they must be whirlwinds, and more than that, they must be about as strong as Samson. I don’t know how they could ever get into the breadbox or the icebox and that can of Crisco.

Dear, when men have been killed and wounded in the litter bearers, there is little changing off so that’s why I went so often. Besides, I liked being right up there where our men were slugging it out with the enemy. You really see and know what they have to go through. I know from what different ones told me that my words and presence helped. God was very near to me and indeed a great power and strength through some very trying hours. By the way Dear, I only received one letter yesterday, it was from Roy String. And I also wrote a v-mail letter to Dolores.

God bless you my Lover in all things. I only wish you knew how much you mean to me. Give the folks my love.

I love just you Dear, for always,

In the perfect and abiding love

Of our Lord Jesus Christ,


Colossians 3:3

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