July 1, 1946

Seoul, Korea

1 July 1946

Dearest Darling Sweetheart:

It was really wonderful to have four of your good letters today. They were for June 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th. They did me no end of good. There just isn’t any way to let you know how much your letters always help me. I had two other letters besides yours, they were from John Stek and Don McClintock. Their letters were very good and I’ll send them on to you later. This has truly been a very hot day and I’m about wilted, I’ve been very busy and as a result, I’m pretty tired. I want to have this letter finished before time for Bible class.

  Early this morning I had several interruptions, but finally, I was able to finish my report for June at 11o’clock. After that, I called in a lot of the wards until time for our noon meal. Early this morning I wrapped two boxes for Jeanette. She is due to leave here almost any time now. In all probability, she will leave here Wednesday or Thursday. She told me that she wrote you a letter last evening and was wondering if you could be able to help her and seeing if it would be possible for her to go to Northern. I told her I knew you would be more than glad to do anything for her. She will call you as soon as she reaches Fort Sheridan and then you can make arrangements with her at that time. So far I know nothing more and I’m literally sweating it out. Darling, as soon as I receive my orders I will send you the following cable, “RECEIVED  ORDERS TODAY.” And you can figure that it will be from 3 to 8 days from that date of the cable before we sail. Be sure to note the date of the cable, if they call the cable to you, be sure to ask them the date so you can figure accordingly. It certainly hurts to see the others going ahead of me, but I’m praying and hoping that it won’t be too many more days before I have those orders telling me to report to the States.

  Immediately following the dinner hour, I went down to get my pay for June. I received a total of $128.10. And after that I bought a money order for $50, I decided not to send a full $100 money order at this time because I might need a little extra on my trip home. It won’t hurt to have a little extra in case of an emergency. I also checked up on my pay voucher for last January and they did take $18.75 out of my pay for a bond, so evidently it has been lost or they forgot to send it to us. Our personnel officer told me to check up on it after I return to the States. I hope it shows up by the time I reach the States, just be on the watch for it, so we will know for sure. Are you sure you didn’t misplace it?

The picture with Knight, Eady, Wheeler and Willis Jr.  Spring 1946.

  By the way, a couple of weeks ago Captain Knight, Lt. Eady, T/5 Fred Wheeler and I had our pictures taken together with my little pup which everyone calls, “Willis Jr.”  It turned out very well. I am enclosing a copy of it in this letter for you. Something else happened today which I’m sure you will want to know. They were after me to take my discharge over here and take a civil service job under Military Government teaching, “Comparative religions,” at Seoul University. Under the setup, I would have to sign up for at least one year and you could come over here and live with me at the quarters provided for the faculty at the University. It would pay $6,400 a year with quarters and all provided. The president of the university mentioned it to me Saturday night, but I didn’t think much about it. He said that they felt I was the man for the job on the basis of my experience and record in the Army. If I don’t take the job they are going to request someone through MacArthur’s headquarters. The whole thing has come to me as a shot out of the blue but I feel that isn’t the thing. Of course, it would be a good experience for you I know to come over here to the Orient. And the salary is very good, but for some reason or other, it fails to strike a responsive chord with me. It would be a wonderful experience to teach such a course and I believe I would like it, but I feel no definite leading in that direction. It is so hard to have to make these hurried decisions when we are thousands of miles apart. I only wish we were together so we could talk the whole thing over. But as things are now, Beloved, I am planning on coming right back to you. I would have to feel a definite leading to the contrary before doing otherwise. And if such would be the case, I’ll send you a cable to that effect. Otherwise just watch for that cable which says, “RECEIVED ORDERS TODAY” and that means I’ll soon be on the high seas after the date of that cable, coming back to the most wonderful Christian wife any man could hope to have. Lover, you just cannot realize how wonderful it is to be able to come back to such a wonderful darling wife as you are. Be it now and forever known unto you that your life and love have and always will be unto me an unending source of inspiration and challenge to be nothing less than my very best for Christ.

  It is completely cloudy now and I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if it didn’t rain during the night. By the way Dear, I bought a very nice portable radio from Dennis today, it is almost new, he has only had it about three weeks and hasn’t used it at all. I got it for just what he paid for it. It cost $42. He bought it through the post exchange and I know such a radio in civilian stores would cost at least $75. It isn’t particularly attractive, but it is shortwave and very powerful. I’m not sure yet whether I’ll bring it with me or send it by parcel post. Beloved, it is almost time for Bible class, so I must close. God bless you and the folks in all things.

 Always and forever just yours in Christ’s love,


 Colossians 3:3 

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  • John T Reed
    July 1, 2020, 2:49 am

    I had our pictures taken together with my little pup which everyone calls, “Willis Jr.”

    We named our dog Willy after Willis–he was such a dog lover! 🙂

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