January 9, 1945

January 9, 1945

My Beloved Darling:

I wanted to start this letter much sooner but three different men came in to see me, and as a result, it is rather late now. Although in between the time the men came to see me I did get a letter off to Dr. and Mrs. Mantey and to the Hollys. I got the letter off to Hollys just before an officers meeting. Some of these poor soldiers really come to you with heartbreaking problems. And to help them as you ought takes time, and before you know it, the evening is gone. I like being busy though because that way the time slips by faster. I will be so very very happy when we can be together again. Don’t you ever worry, I will grasp the first opportunity to come back to you. I will be glad when we can be together and work side-by-side for our Lord who has blessed us in so many ways. 

This morning most of the time was taken up in the meeting of the chaplains of the division. I will make no comment because it wasn’t worth wasting time and space. I’m very very thankful to the Lord for the joyous experiences we have had together in fellowship and prayer. 

After dinner I called in another hospital. It was good to see them the men. The man who is Chaplin over there, is really a fine man. We had a wonderful time calling on all the men. We visited the various wards together. It was almost suppertime by the time we arrived back here. Immediately following supper a soldier came to see me. 

After that, I came to my quarters and wrote the letter to Dr. and Mrs. Montey. I had planned on surprising you with the gift that the natives gave me to use for Christian causes when I left down there, but I decided I will tell you that I sent a money order to Dr. Mantey for $115. I gave him all the information I could in his letter, so I won’t bother to wright it in this letter to you. Because I’m sure he will let you read that letter. My time is so limited now I can hardly find enough time to sleep. The natives goodness to me before I left down there is something I shall never forget as long as I live. Perhaps by the time this letter reaches you, you will have received the mats, palm leaf material and necklaces they gave me just before I left. When they gave me the money in a white envelope I could hardly believe my eyes. When Raymond drove me away in the jeep I could not keep back the tears. Christ changes all men regardless of the color of their skin or their background. This morning with my first opportunity to go to our post office since arriving up here. 

Sarah receiving letters from and sending letters to Willis. 1943.

Even though it is late I want to take enough time to make a few comments on your letter of December 15th and 16th. It sounds strange to hear you talk about snow and ice when it is so nice and warm here all the time. 

I suppose Stan and Lee are settled now in their new home. I am so thankful for them. I am confident they will do fine work in this new church. The history test that Dr. Stiansen gave you truly sounded natural but I’m not at all worried about what your grade will be. I’m thankful you can study under such a fine man. I was interested to hear what Dr. Mason said about your teaching. Keep up the good work, Dear. I knew you would love Dr. Mantey. He has such a beautiful humble way of presenting the truth of the New Testament. I’m glad you gave more to the Bender’s. I shall pray for God’s will in her life. Remember Darling, I am always thankful when you give as you are led of the Holy Spirit because I can and do trust you on unreservedly in all things. Dear, I will answer the rest of your questions in tomorrow’s letter. God bless you Lover in all things. 

Yours forever I am in the Love of Christ Jesus,


Colossians 3:3

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  • John T Reed
    January 9, 2019, 3:39 am

    Love that picture of Sarah! Back in the day when everyone wore hats…:-)

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