January 8, 1946

Seoul, Korea

January 8, 1946

Dearest Darling Sweetheart:

It is again very late, Darling. But I must try to get a letter off to you before going to bed. It is so good to know that you are such a wonderful Christian wife. The assurance and constant abiding of Your Precious Love is a benediction to my heart and soul. I had hoped that we would have some more mail today but none came in. 

  This has been a long lonely day, the sun didn’t shine at all and it is getting much colder tonight. This morning I called in some of the wards and after that came back up here to my office to do some studying. Chaplain Myers came out here to see Chaplain Minor who is being discharged to duty. As I told you once before, he is a member, or I should say assigned, to the 6th Division. His transportation was supposed to arrive this morning sometime, but for some reason or other it never did show up. We cannot understand why they didn’t arrive but all arrangements are now made for them to leave in the morning.

  I had wanted to get some things planned for mid-week service and this coming Sunday but several other things came up which had to be taken care of. I had a couple more marital cases to handle which are so mixed up. Darling, how thankful I am that our love and marriage are founded on Christ. I’ve seen so many of the others go on the rocks. We shall discuss some of these things when we are together, Beloved.

  The big thing was that this evening I had arranged for Rody Hyun to bring some of his talent out here to the hospital this evening to put on the musical show for our hospital. It was appreciated by all and the auditorium was filled to capacity. He brought four other musicians and singers with him. Rody sang 2 songs (American) for us in Korean, they were, “ When You and I Were Young Maggie” and “Carry Me Back to Old Virginia.”  Darling, it was a great success and everybody enjoyed it very much. I only wish you could have been there to witness the program. Be sure to tell the Krafts about it for I’m sure they will be interested to know about it. They will probably also be interested to know that Rody is planning on opening the Seoul Conservatory of Music on February 1st. Sweetheart, I’ll tell you more about it when we are together again. I had made arrangements for them to have their evening meal with us and after the program, we had some coffee and some apple pie. And then I gave them some fruit cake and candy to take home to their families.

  I had planned on coming up here to my office and writing this letter to you right away but two old officer friends from the 184th came over to see me and they stayed for a long time and visited. It was Lieutenant Dobson and Lieutenant Thorn. It was good to see old friends and it kind of helps to know that they think enough to come over and visit.

  Everybody (soldier personnel) in Manila, Tokyo and Korea are pretty much upset about the new release from the War Department that demobilization must be slowed down. Morale is hitting a new low. Darling, I’m so very anxious to get home myself, but honestly, I do become pretty much disgusted with the way some of the soldiers act and carry on. Actually, they seem to believe that they deserve every consideration just because they have the uniform on for a while. It is hard to express to you fully on paper my feelings concerning this whole thing. But in brief, I would say this much, sure there is a lot of inefficiency in the Army but no institution or organization is efficient in itself, and that which it has is because of persons. And I would further say that all this blundering stupidity is not in the higher brackets, the lower brackets contribute their share. Actually, Darling, the “I don’t care attitude” of so many of the personnel is alarming and I can assure you it isn’t a very pleasant problem for those of authority who are really seeking to do their best for our nation and those in their command. Honestly, Sweetheart, it all boils down to this; far too many are only interested in how much they can get, not how much they can give. Our blessed land needs a revival of the Holy Spirit’s power, for the days are dark and men need Christ.

  We are about the only nation on the face of this Earth that actually has enough of everything to keep life happy, but you would think we got it because of our superiority in everything to read some articles or listen to some talk. Actually, my heart is so burdened for the souls of men. Well, Beloved, I will not go into a lot more detail for it is hard to do so in a letter. I’m going to keep on doing my best and I’m hoping it won’t be too much longer until I’ll be able to leave for the good old USA and my Beloved Darling Wife. It is rather wearing to hear people complain from morning to night and never stop for one solitary moment and try to think of things we have to be thankful for. I’ve been praying earnestly about this Sweetheart and I feel that His own good time things will work out for the best of all concerned. In the time which is yet mine here in Korea and this hospital, pray that I may be led to some souls who need Christ.

  I must close , it is almost the beginning of another day and I’m pretty tired. God bless you my Lover in all things.

 Forever and always just yours,

 in Christ’s love,


 Colossians 3:3

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