January 8, 1945

January 8, 1945

Beloved Darling Sarah:

Imagine my great joy and surprise to have two of your back letters today. They were yours of December 15th and 16th. They had gone down below and returned back here. Sweetheart, words cannot possibly describe the joy that was mine receiving those wonderful letters. I have read them over three times already. And I will read them several more times I’m sure. 

Willis and his assistant / driver – Carlos Turner. 1943.

Besides your letters, I had mail from the following people: Hollys and Gail with a nice photograph of Mr. and Mrs. Holly. I am so thankful unto God for such wonderful Christian friends. The Lord has been so good to us that it seems at times like we are really experiencing some of the wonders of heaven. I wish I could some way or other make you aware of how much joy you have brought into my life, Dear. I shall forever be grateful to the Lord for you and your wonderful life and love. Everything about you makes me desirous of being my very best for Christ. Well, I started out to tell you who I heard from but I see you have first priority, as a result I got off from what I started to tell you in this paragraph. That gives you view somewhat of an idea of how I feel when I cannot finish a paragraph without again reminding you how much you mean to me. Now, to finish this paragraph: a nice Christmas card from Phyllis Van Valley’s boyfriend in Italy, a nice letter from Mrs. Cox, the wife of my former assistant thanking us for our Christmas gift of $10 to them, a letter from Paul and Gen, Carlos Turner and his wife (my former assistant at Long Beach), Chaplin Brown, a birthday card from the Davises; two letters from Dolores and a nice birthday card, a Christmas card from Jane Jackson, a birthday card and letter from my grandmother, a birthday card and letter from Jack and Bertha, church bulletins from Chicago, Boston, Long Beach and several Lexington Unit Journals. I also failed to mention the fact that I received a beautiful billfold from the Beacon Class at North Shore. When I can get a moment I will try and write them a thank you note. 

This has been a very busy day for which I am thankful.   This morning Don and I worked on arranging things in our outfit. After dinner, I left here to call at another hospital. I certainly enjoy calling on the men. I only wish I had more time for such work. Someday I will tell you about it, Dear. 

Immediately following the evening meal I came to my quarters, did some reading and was just going to start your letter when an officer walked in who wanted to see me. We talked for quite some time, then three soldiers came in to see me. Shortly thereafter the officer left. In brief, the men said they had heard about my coming into the division and what I was like. We talked for a long time about the Christian life, etc. I asked them to pray for the souls of men and asked them to pray for me that my life might be fit for the Master’s use. Before we left, we read scripture and all knelt down around my bed and prayed for men to be converted. Darling, we shall count on your prayer also. I assure you I’ll do my very very best to be clean and pure for our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Darling, after reading your letter over I made several comments on the back which I wanted to write you, but it is so late now, I think I will save them for tomorrow evening. Remember Dear, each day I love you more. God bless you Beloved in all things. Give mom and the Chief my deepest love.


Colossians 3:3

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