January 5, 1946

Seoul, Korea

January 5, 1946

My Dearest Darling Lover:

This has been another one of those days from the very moment I got up until now. How thankful I am to know that we are one day nearer to the time when we can be together again. I had hoped that we would have some mail today, but none came in. Just the same, I love you much much more than ever. You id tow very tweet in every way and I do wove you more dan ever for ever and ever and I said it first and wast. Won’t it be good when we can talk again to each other in our own little love language?

  As soon as breakfast was over, I went around to the wards and visited with some of the men and then started on that long and cold journey to Seoul to see if I could pick up any mail for any of our patients. I also took care of some money orders for some of them. I also stopped by one headquarters and helped plan for the Youth for Christ which were hoping to get started here in this whole area. The roads are very miserable and I did see some vehicles in the ditches along the way. I was very careful and managed to get back all right. It was just noontime when I arrived back here at the hospital.

Willis receiving his 1st Bronze Star from General Hodge. October 10, 1945.

  I spent a goodly portion of time calling in the various wards and then came back here to the office to do some studying. Upon my arrival back here, I found that Lieutenant Blocker had delivered some pictures to me which he had taken on the day when I was decorated by Lieutenant General John R. Hodge. It is a terrible picture of me, but it’s me and I think you would like to have a copy. If you will note my wedding ring shows up very plainly and you know how proud I am of our rings for they mean so very much. And also in the pocket over which he is in the process of pinning the medal is the two picture folders which I have carried of you, my Sweetheart, ever since I’ve been overseas. Darling, he also gave me the negative which was very nice of him. I’m going to send you two of them in this letter for you. Be sure to let me know if they came through all right.

  After I finished supper, I came back up to my office and found five of my old faithfuls from the 184th out here for the evening, it was certainly wonderful to see them. We really had a blessed time in Christian fellowship. It is so good to know such fine Christian fellows. They are completely dissatisfied with Chaplain Wells. The Bible classes have gone to pieces and no one seems to show much interest. It really makes me feel very badly. I cannot quite understand Paul. I will say no more now, when we are together we should be able to talk this thing over. However, we can pray for him. Those men just left before I started this letter to you, but even though it’s late I’m tired, it was good to have such fellowship. I still have a lot to do on my sermon so I will have to cut this letter short tonight. I’m sorry but it is very late now and I do want to have something worthwhile.

  God bless you, my Lover, in all things and be sure to give the folks my deepest love.

 Forever and ever just yours in Christ’s love,


 Colossians 3:3

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