January 4, 1946

Seoul, Korea

January 4, 1946

Dearest Darling Sweetheart:

Well, another day has slipped by and we are a little bit closer to the day when we can be together again. Actually, for some reason or other, the time just seems to drag along. It will be so very good to be with you again. I had hoped that there would be some mail from you today, but none came in. Your letters help me a whole lot, but Sweetheart, it will be so very good to be able to have you to talk again. Just to look into your eyes again will be so very wonderful, for I can still remember how beautiful your eyes talk and how good they always made me feel deep within my heart. We have had some more men leave, but so far they haven’t made any kind of new announcement which would affect me. I thought they might make some kind of new arrangement at the first of the year. And now I’m hoping they will do something before the 1st of February. For instance, around the 15th of January.

  This morning early I called on some of the wards then I came back here to my office and spent the rest of the morning trying to decide on what to preach on this Sunday. I also planned the bulletin and Don will cut the stencil tomorrow morning. After dinner, I called on more of the wards. I took care of a couple of problem cases and then I came back to do some more studying. One of the nurses wanted to see me. I talked to her for about an hour and I believe I was able to help her some. I’ll tell you all about the situation later when we are together. I really felt sorry for her, but she is a very fine woman and I feel confident that everything will come out all right. At least I assured her that I would pray about it and would be glad to help her in any way.

  After having supper this evening, I studied for a while and then another person came up to see me, before he left it was time for Bible class to begin. We only had 11 in attendance this evening in our class. We finished our discussion of the second chapter of John. As soon as the class was over I came right up here to the office and wrote a letter to the folks and now I’m writing to the one I love the most and will now and for all the ages of the ages. You id tow very tweet, tweetheart.

It has been really very cool today even though the sun shone very brightly all the time. I certainly hope this doesn’t last a long long time. I don’t mind the cold weather if you have the facilities for keeping warm.

  Sweetheart, I’m glad to know that you are finding Pastoral Theology so interesting. Dr. Whitesell was good in teaching that class when I was in seminary also. I agree fully with you, he does have some very fine common sense in that respect. As you say, there are many things to be considered in being a pastor of a church. And I’m so thankful to the Lord for a good wife like you.

  From what you told me in your letter, Dr. C. Oscar Johnson really gave a fine message at the seminar. He is a very good man and I only wish we had more like him.

  It was good to hear that my old clothes which you sent the laundry came back looking so well. Perhaps it won’t be too much longer until we can have a place of our own again and we can put our things away without too much trouble.

  Darling, the statement which Dr. Stiansen made during the seminar session sounded very very good. And knowing him as I do, I can almost see him making the statement. I’m truly sorry for some of those short-sighted brethren. With such an attitude they will probably do much harm. We surely need more men like Dr. Stiansen.

  Lover,  for some reason or other I am very tired tonight so I think I will close and try to get a good night’s rest. God bless you, Lover, in all things.

 Forever Yours in Christ’s

 Abiding and Keeping Love,


 Colossians 3:3

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