January 4, 1945

January 4, 1945

My Dearest Darling Sweetheart:

Well another day has slipped by and we are that much nearer being together. It will probably be many many more days before we see each other, but at least it is one day less. I will certainly be glad when I can start hearing from you again. Quite a few of the men got mail today. 

This morning I worked on services for this Sunday. My assistant cut the stencil for church call and I planned the order of service for my 10 o’clock service Sunday morning. Don will cut that stencil tomorrow morning. I’ve visited with several different officers and men. Later, I came back to my quarters and took advantage of the opportunity for a quiet time. In a set up like this, it is rather difficult to find a time to be quiet by yourself. The day never seems right without it. 

Natives at communion. 1944.

After dinner my assistant, driver, and I went to Honolulu to see the director of the Pacific Ocean areas Red Cross. I informed him of my work at my old assignment and thanked them personally for all their help. While there I informed them of what they might do to help those still left on the island. 

While down that way, I took advantage of the opportunity to get some things for the natives. They were always so good to me and helped in every way in sending shells to hospitals out here for our soldiers. 

We arrived back here just in time for supper. After supper we had an officers meeting of the battalion. Later,I went to the Chaplain’s office and talked with two different soldiers for awhile. By that time it had grown rather late, so I came right back to my quarters and wrote a letter to Chaplain Wilkinson informing him of my good fortune in getting some things the natives wanted. 

Well Dear, you are right back in the swing of school works. I know you are doing wonderfully well. It is hard to write when I don’t hear from you. There are many things I do which would make this letter more interesting but I cannot tell you about them now. 

I am going to close for now and try to get a good nights rest. God bless you Beloved in all things. 

I always and forever just yours

In the Love of Christ Jesus,


Colossians 3:3

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