January 31, 1944

January 31, 1944

Dearest Darling Sweetheart:-

This afternoon the Catholic chaplain O’Gorman and I went to Long Beach to the 507th AAA Group and imagine my joy when I found two letters from you. I read them immediately and the whole day has been transformed. Every letter from you makes you more precious to me, I shall never be able to do enough for our Lord for giving you to me as well as you giving yourself to me. Thank you for being such a wonderful wife and sweetheart to me.

Early this morning I prepared my monthly report and started it through channels to the Chief of Chaplains in D.C. About 10 o’clock we went to the East 37th AAA Brigade in Los Angeles. We had dinner with Chaplin Bell, who is the head of the chaplains of our 37th Brigade.

Los Angeles Port of Embarkation during World War II.

We didn’t receive any further orders today but I’m hoping we hear something soon for it makes it very trying. As soon as we hear, we will probably be able to tell whether we are going to the South Pacific or to Alaska because in all probability they will tell us whether we are to take warm clothing or clothing for warm climates. If we go as replacements, it’s going to be difficult to get any of our professional equipment past the Port of Embarkation, because we will be going unattached to any outfit. From the looks of things now I’m going to be sent out to pick up with an outfit already in action. As soon as our orders come I’ll let you know definitely what’s up.

I am so glad Maurice and Edith enjoyed the books, I also think they are grand and I count it a great privilege to know them-God has been so good to us Dear, He has truly given us many fine friends.

I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures Mrs. King had-feel free to get anything that you feel will help us in our future work for Christ and His kingdom. It’s good to know your classes of teacher training are proving so helpful. We learn more every day that to be good teachers we must be prepared, don’t we Dear? Even our very best is not enough to repay God for all He has done for us through Christ.

I’m sorry to hear what happened to the young man who started that Bible class in the Army-but I’m not at all surprised Dear at what happened, for I have had occasion to meet just such chaplains-I’m sure God will honor the young man and I agree there are many chaplains who themselves need an experience of Jesus Christ. In other words, they have had a head experience, but to really be useful for Christ we have to have a heart experience. Pray for me Dear that my many sins shall be so burdensome to me that I’ll help the Lord and be willing for them to be purged out of my life. I do want others to see Christ, not Willis A. Reed.

So Mac is planning on going into the Navy as a chaplain-well, you can see if Mac wants to sell the car, we could buy it if you want to and store it out at Kenyon’s-whatever you think my Dear.

I suppose Frank Arnold will soon be on his way to Europe-thank God for a faithful servant like Frank who isn’t afraid to stand by his convictions. Yes dear, don’t be disappointed if you don’t hear from me for a while-for there are many restrictions-remember this Dear, I’ll do my best to keep you informed. You mentioned sending you a cable, I’ll do it if it all possible my Dear. Bill Hill was sent to Australia so he could send one, if for instance I am sent to replace a chaplain I may be on some island or some body of land where it would be impossible to get a cable out to you. Always be assured I’ll do my best to get word to you at all times – and every night I’ll tell the Lord I love you more than ever and I’m sure when you kneel to pray He will convert my message and love to you. Such a precious wife and help mate to me Dear.

Your paper in theology sounds very good Dear, I know it will be very good and really worthwhile for future reference.

I’m so glad to know the National Geographic has been straightened out and that we are going to continue to get it from now on.

I suppose you have picked up our picture at Mandel’s by now-have you sent the one for Holly’s yet? They are so anxious to get it. I would like to see it also.

We were paid today and I got a cashiers check for $150 for you. I kept out more this time because I may have a lot of unexpected expenses at the Port of Embarkation, and besides, it will probably be sometime before we are paid after going. Taking all these things into consideration, I kept more this time-you should get your allotment check for $175 beginning around 1 March, for it is to come out of my pay from now on. Be sure to let me know if this cashiers check arrives OK.

It is late and I must close-God bless you Dear.

 Yours forever and ever in Christ’s love,


Col 3:3

Written on the side and scrawled along the top edge.


Phil 1:3 for the ages of the ages.

I love you so much My Dearest . Your love grows more precious hourly.

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