January 3, 1945

January 3, 1945

Sarah, My Beloved Darling Wife:

I have just finished reading some of your last letters over again. I’m so happy to have them. Your letters are a real source of joy and encouragement to me in this time of our separation. It will probably be a couple of weeks yet before I get your back letters. I can hardly wait until they start coming through. Sweetheart, it means so very much to know what you’ve been doing and that we are each other’s forever. 

This morning early I left here with a group of men on a specialized training course. I would like to tell you about it as well as the beauty of the surrounding territory, but that will be impossible now. I will have to wait until we are together again. I know such a paragraph doesn’t make it very interesting reading for you but I want above all else to be above question when it comes to things I may mention. Being with the men today gave me an opportunity to learn many things. The men of our division are very well-trained. Our Commanding General was present for a while and watched. I was actually proud of the way the men did their work. 

We arrived back here at our campground around 5 o’clock. I took a good cold shower. I was really dirty after the training of today. It was hot around noon and afternoon and we did a lot of perspiring. And just a little while ago I saw a late newspaper that said it was down around zero in a good portion of the U.S.A. I am so glad to be able to take a freshwater shower again. At least you feel clean afterwards. A brackish water shower was never very refreshing. About all it did was cool you off. The water is cold but we do feel good after having such a shower now. 

Hawaii – 1945.

After eating, I came back to my quarters and got some of my clothes and washed them out. I always like to wash my own underwear and socks. By the way Darling, I am reading “My Utmost” again for this year. I think it was so very good and provokes real thinking. I especially liked the reading for today. In fact, I sat here on my bed and read parts of it over several times. Such reading is certainly good for spiritual growth. I also read my other devotional material. I read the book of Philippians this evening and I also spent quite some time meditating upon the message of the Apostle Paul to the church in Philippi. 

In reading your last letters over, I ran into two or three things I thought I would comment upon. First of all, I was very much interested in what you said Dr. Smith said about being a civilian again. I fully agree with him that we need training of the heart, emotions and will. Darling, I assure you that I will do my best to keep you informed of what I’m thinking or any changes of attitude. This I know now. Willis A. Reed needs to know Christ better (Phil 3:9-10) and I am, by His power, going to do my best to be a chaplain who lifts up Christ in my own personal life. In brief Dear, in the Army as well as the church back home we must remember it’s not so much methods or programs that reach men for Christ, but it is an absolute consciousness of His abiding power (Holy Spirit) and presence that will make men feel the challenging power and might and righteousness of God as we know it in Christ Jesus. (Zechariah 4:6) Darling, pray for me for there are many things in my life which are not pleasing to Christ I know. I want to be a better Christian and husband than I was when we were last together. I want my life to be ever growing in Christian grace and beauty. I think that is one of the most challenging things in Christianity, the more we learn and know the more we want to live and abide by His will. Perhaps you are not aware of it, but being so absolutely happy and satisfied in your beautiful life and love have only challenged me more than ever ins the life which we know as one in Christ. I am thankful you are praying for me, Dear. I assure you of my prayer for you, that we together maybe one real channel of blessing for all those we can possibly contact for Christ. 

I was sorry to hear about Mrs. Groom being hurt. I hope everything goes better for her in the future. 

By the way, a Christmas present arrived for me today from the Hansons in Long Beach, California. It was a very nice billfold. The Pastoral Directory Service had stopped it up here and sent it out here to our Division Headquarters. 

I am so thankful about the Chief and the stand he took. I am anxious to receive your letter of December 17th evening, for I am sure you will tell me more about it. Well, my Dear, it is late and I’m tired so I think I’ll close for tonight. God bless you Dear in your school work. I’ve thought about it so much, I know you will come through with flying colors. Be sure to give the folks my love. 

Yours forever in the love of Him

Who died to redeem us as His own,


Colossians 3:3

P.S. Enclosed you will find a sad sack cartoon-I had a good laugh out of it because I’ve seen some soldiers who had such a hard time learning close order drill. I think the folks will like it also.

Your loving husband,


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