January 28, 1944

January 28, 1944

Very Early

My Dearest Darling:-

Your letter yesterday was very beautiful and made me feel so good on the inside. It was the letter you wrote me last Sunday evening. You may be assured of this at all times Dear, “I’m broadcasting all the time, on sending out messages night and day-you could call me the 24 hour station.”

Well, we didn’t hear anything again yesterday-the suspense is really terrible. I am almost sure we won’t leave here Sunday from the looks of things. Yesterday morning I went on a 10 mile hike with the men. It had rained the night before and big fleecy white clouds were drifting all through the sky. The mountains were really beautiful, the clouds look like big down comforters on the peaks.

I am glad you are going to be able to ride with Mohanah’s to church Sundays now, that really makes me feel better. I haven’t received any word from Mr. Mohanah as yet.

National Geographic. January 1944.

I am so glad to hear that Mom and Pop were in church again both morning and evening. I love mom and the Chief more than words can tell, and I do hope and pray that they will soon align themselves with a church actively. I think they would and could be so happy in Christ. I would like to have them know the joy we have Dear in being in and seeking to do Christ’s will.

By the way, you have never mentioned it to me, but I am wondering if you ever did write to the National Geographic about our subscription?

I hope the young lady you called on comes to church again. It really keeps you busy calling etc., but I’m sure the Lord has great blessings in store for you. I am sure really sorry to hear about Mr. and Mrs. Lundquis,t I shall be very glad to remember them in my prayer.

I don’t believe I ever heard the song Thomas sang,  “One Sweetly Solemn Thought,” but I’m sure it must be beautiful.

Lover, I am enclosing a picture that appeared in our newspaper out here, I thought maybe you might like to see it. I must close for now my Dear, but this morning I love you more than ever.

Now and Ever yours in Christ’s Redeeming Love,



Col 3:3

January 28, 1944

Dearest Darling Sweetheart:-

This is just a note along with “My Will” and “Power of Attorney.” There are three copies of it and they all have been notarized. I’m sending them to you by registered mail. I love you so very much my Darling. We are really upset – orders left and right. I’ll write you more later.

Your’s forever in Christ’s Love,



Col. 3:3

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