January 27, 1944

January 27, 1944

Dearest Darling:-

Yesterday was such a hectic day and I was so tired by midnight that I decided to go to bed and write you early this morning.

Willis at the Reed Family reunion 1938. He is in the middle with the vest and dark tie.

Your beautiful letter, written Saturday evening, arrived yesterday afternoon but I was so completely swamped that I didn’t get to read it till late last night.

Well Dear, we haven’t heard anything as yet about where we go to from here. Everyone is very tense and excited over receiving final orders. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if we don’t leave the 30th. Although one never knows – one of our infantry units out here was moved out on 12 hours notice.

Thanks for sending that beautiful poem by Mrs. Wilcox.

The letter Sylvia said I wrote to somebody at school is news to me – for I haven’t written a letter to a single person at Northern since my return to see you My Dear.

I will close for now Dear and may God richly bless you – I do love you more than ever.

Yours alone now and forever

In Christ’s Love,



Col 3:3

“Abundant Living” was very good yesterday, wasn’t it?

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