January 25, 1944

January 25, 1944

My Dearest Darling Wife:-

Your letter was so wonderful today, it seems your letters become sweeter everyday; I know the reason is all because of the blessing the Lord continually heaps upon us. Every time I think of you, I feel an overwhelming desire to tell the Lord thank you for you and your wonderful love and devotion. You know Dear, the more you seek to do Christ’s will the sweeter you become. I only hope I can be a better husband to you, for if there were ever a girl who deserves the best you are that girl. Thank you Darling for being such a wonderful wife to me.

Well, we didn’t receive any word as yet, everybody is on edge waiting for something to happen.

Consolidated TB-32 on the assembly line. Douglas Aircraft Plant – 1944. (U.S. Air Force photo)

This morning Captain Baker and I went to Douglass Aircraft with the band. We were dinner guests at the plant cafeteria. Immediately after dinner one of the big officials, Mr. Kennedy, took us all through the large plant. It took us 3 1/2 hours – it was most interesting. We also saw the model of the new 120 passenger plane, which the designers are working on now. It is going to be very very large. It is going to be so large it would seem almost impossible it could ever get off of the ground. It will carry more people than the average two large chair cars on the railroad.

I also got a nice letter from Mrs. Scheu. She said she was writing to you so I suppose she told you all the news. I’m surely surprised about the American Machine and Metals laying Mr. Scheu off from work. As you remember, they also gave John Mueller a raw deal. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised that a lot of the trouble was brought on by the Unions. You know how Mr. Scheu felt about unions. I’m so glad you are having your little prayer meeting at noon at Northern and I’m so grateful to our Heavenly Father that you are receiving great blessing by being able to go to Northern.

Darling, I have some clothes I want to wash this evening so I’ll close for now, but remember, each day finds me loving you more. God Bless you My Dear.

I do love you so very much

Now and Forever yours in Christ’s Love



Col 3:3

Written on the side:

“I Love you Truly.” Dear “because” you are Christ’s.

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