January 24, 1944

January 24, 1944

Dearest Darling Lover:-

What a pleasant surprise, I had two lovely letters from you today my Dear. Words can never tell you how much I appreciated them. In my heart, there is ever a song because of your devotion My Dear. My prayer is this that my life will always be a thank you to God and to you for your wonderful love.

Written on the back: “Forever your” and Carlos Turner my old assistant.

Last night a young man, who one time studied for the ministry, came to see me this morning – I mean he heard me speak to the young people at the First Church. I haven’t time to tell you all about his case – to say the least, it is really a mixed up affair. These things are surely giving me some marvelous experience. Each new problem case makes me see how wonderful the Lord has been to us in our wonderful life together, in that most blessed of relationships as man and wife, with Christ making the circle complete now and for Eternity. Col 3:3. This young man of whom I speak has almost entirely lost the joy of salvation because he has taken his eyes off of Christ and is seeking satisfaction in the things of the world.

Also, another enlisted man came to see me about being married and I spent some time with him talking of the blessedness of God ordained marriage.

This afternoon was really quite an affair because the General came to inspect the men, weapons and all our equipment. You should have seen the men stepping around here. I’ve never seen things sparkle and shine so since I’ve been here. It made me think of “Judgement Day,” but in that day the General (Jesus Christ) will know all and will not be fooled by a hurried preparation, so much today only proved itself to be veneer.

This evening I had dinner with Mr. & Mrs. Hansen. We had a very good dinner and they were asking me a lot of questions about the Bible and what I thought about life after death – “that is, will we know one another?” They asked me to send their love to you.

It has been raining a lot here this evening.

Darling, it is very late and I am tired so I’ll have to close for now and may God Bless you richly. I love you so. Thank you for being such a sweet Darling wife.

Always yours and yours

Alone in Christ,



Col 3:3

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